Savingpvtviper's Crystal SCROG and AK-47 auto


I had such great success with my first SCROG, I think I’m going to stick with it. So next I have one Crystal fem and one AK-47 Auto. The Crystal is the only one being trained for the SCROG.
To skip the whole transplant thing I went straight to the 5 gal smart pots after germination. I’m using Fox Farm’s ocean forest in both pots but to prevent nute burn I placed a small pot in the center of the 5gal and filled Fox Farm’s around it. Once full I removed the small pot and filled that void with jiffy seed starter.
The AK was the first to open but the Crystal was first to the surface and she’s kicking butt as far as growth compared to the auto. Check out the pics.


Welcome to ILGM. They both look good so far. Good luck on your grow.


You can layer your soil my friend which works great also by putting a more less stronger soil on top and putting the more balance soil on bottom. I put my super soil on the bottom about half way and than I put happy frog , light warrior are coco coir on the very top so as the plant develop its root structure it grows into the less to more stronger balance soil without much issues, just an option?


Awesome I can’t wait to watch this to good growing my friend may the next be better than the last


I’ll be tracking this. Looking great so far…


I’m with @FloridaSon will be watching this one as well @Savingpvtviper
Your last grow was nice brother :+1:


Gave the ladies a little water today, bout half gallon each. With some of them microbes too. That Crystal is a beast. She’s gonna make a nice SCROG! The AK however, I think is a midget lol


When you tight node spacing means you have good par lighting from strong lights so the viper is definitely doing its job.


Following :slight_smile:


AK-47 tends to run small due to it’s indica properties (50/50 ind/sat) but has a wonderful high! I’m sure you will be happy with the results.

One note that I’m not sure if you have seen, AK tends to need Ca/Mg added esp in flowering. I started adding small amts from the start of nutes and increased it to 5ml (1 tsp) per gallon in mid-late flowering.


Thanks @TxGrowman I’ll look into it. Seems like the AK that won bud of the month was feed Cal mag


More pics. That Crystal is gonna be a monster. Crystal up first then the AK


Wow that looks like a thick stem on the second pic


C[quote=“Countryboyjvd1971, post:13, topic:9498, full:true”]
Wow that looks like a thick stem on the second pic

Thought the same thing ! She’s a hardy one.


Yeah man. That’s the Crystal. At least as thick as a pencil at 2 or 3 weeks old


Wow! Even if you go with the three weeks, WOW!


Can you say monster plant you should clone that one bro
I would looks like super genetics there :+1::v:️:cowboy_hat_face:


Wish I could. Currently don’t have a good way to separate the veg and bloom stages without light pollution. But the seed description did say it’s a strong plant so hopefully all the seeds are like this one.


Looking back at my pics, they went into the 24 hour soak on Feb 12th so 4 weeks since germination @FloridaSon


Looks like 1 to follow,I’ll definitely be watching this one with interest