Saving the Strain

A friend gave me a clone that I monster cropped and was growing well into flower . Then his plant died and I had that strain he wanted to save . So I trimmed a bud off the bottom of mine and had it about a month trying to get it to root , gave it to him , he has had it a month . This picture I took two days ago ā€¦ Crazy . Do you think it will keep going ?


I have never tried it Yet mate but Iā€™m sure it can only be a good sign bud. :crossed_fingers:

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Yes it looks like it has taken root and is shooting out new growth. Keep her happy and shes gonna keep popping heads out of the buds.

This is my revegged plant. From seed. Gg#4. Has not been topped or anything. Just watered and fed. Eventually more branches start growing out of the buds.

The connecting points

Be very patient and she will come around . Mine almost didnt make it from neglect, i had let the new growth completely wilt from not getting water when it was just growing out.But i saved her from dying and this is her now.