Saving the lost children of planet Itnoc

…in the fantasmagoric universe of Egzoset!



As an old ex-smoker (of tobacco/haschish) i vaguely recall mass-media never really cared to associate the “Harm” with actual risks such as those who bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists prefered to ignore while they gradually ceased control of our public institutions, installing their own socio-toxic poison slow but steady. Instead there were propagandist efforts supposed to “educate” young persons by scaring away my generation, supposedly once and for all (…), for example via a 1981 film which most obviously instrumentalized the music of David Bowie just to capture our attention until the generic finished scrolling:

Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo

The French-speaking version i saw was given quite some very different title while originally it should have translated as “We children of the station zoo”.

Decades past before i finally gave up the smoking habit entirely, never suitably aware of the vast hidden reality behind. Lucky me, vaporisation eventually showed up on my radar, though that wasn’t the end of my venture just yet: ~25 months using a “decent” table model were required only to begin to grasp what i later grouped under the term “vilification”, etc. It was easy to understand how vaporizers could partially help to avoid some of the economic stress resulting from artificial/external factors, then it became clear my physiology needed “Inlet Water” as experienced with the patented pipes of Dan Steinberg:


Those water droplets condensed on the inside wall of some PVC Extension Tubing intended to deal with my difficulty to operate the VG pipe as sold, which takes me back to 2013-Mar-17 (or 1 year after my very 1st unsuccessful attempt)… This water came from extra-hot (H2O & CO2) gases generated by clean-burning butane, hence my “Inlet” qualificative, in opposition to that from e-liquids while mainstream devices belong to a type i describe as “Hot Dry Air Ovenizers”. Further reflexion caused me to believe that Inlet Water in my pipe’s Flame-Catcher also performed “Potentialization” of the “Release/Transport Agent”. Too bad i couldn’t put the puzzle’s piece together until my 6th year into the “Plan-B” project, with its “Hybrid Core” schematized below:


Which itself corresponds to an element of my late 2015 Near-Symetrical Reversible LAVACapsule concept (that was inspired by the long-forgotten Fig. 11/12 item of VG’s patent now almost 20 years old…):


Preliminary testing strongly suggested that i could solve maintenance + reclaim issues by flipping that capsule upside-down; in “Plan-B” clean-burning butane scenarios there would be only 1 heat source going through my cannabic bowl and then its extracted “fumet” would permeate via a second Hybrid Core acting as a simple filter instead:



Each toke would cause golden honey to accumulate in the inactive section, so a capsule flip every few puffs would simultaneously delay a need to perform maintenance while more reclaim stuff collected in cotton:


Now try to imagine what this feature implies once combined to optional “Bio-Feedback” scanning resources:


For starters i figured a set of 2 light beams could measure fumet density, airflow speed and possibly even pressure variations, which opens the door to more research and also social applications like some karaoke games designed for future cannabis lounges, etc. Even better, when associated to analysis equipment it should become easy to identify the most productive ritual(s) and their specific cannabinoïd profile(s) with it!

As a bonus my concept invites self-awareness and “Micro-Dosing”, culminating as Precision “Packetization” of a “Heat Charge” by implementing my Bi-Energy “Plan-A” IH-driven strategy, now that On-Top internal Core-PinHole paths appear to have tweeked “Plan-B” so well it made Hybrid Cores an option. E. G. back to 2012 this Semi-DiY solution could have wored for me good enough:



Yet of course i much prefer fully-updated alternatives combining all the bells & whistles identified in the course of my long quest, for example those nearly “finished” versions:



Take note the Bronze Sherlock handle on this picture still needed a push-button addition to make it complete, while direct index (fingertip) control is readily available with its PinHole just rotated by 180 degrees…

Nonetheless, these days my favorite handle by far is the Classic aluminium with internal PinHole paths and a universal Screw-Base mating system:



As a matter of fact this is early work illustrating an attempt to experiment with 2 or 3 fingers manual control, it was before i dropped 1 finger after it became clear to me that it might prove problematic for operation by a crippled hand:



Perhaps a custom-made handle will accomodate it but it’s already implying 2 versions in single-finger situations, so i can’t realistically expect any manufacturer to want to go with 4!

In any case please keep in mind that’s only meant as a Prototyping Platform so the adventurous reader can experiment Inlet Water, Micro-Bursting (in pulse mode) and more.

Oh, by the way, i almost forgot to show the last touch that motivated me to persist until all else would feel properly unlocked:


Wood tops which used to be a major concern with dual-flame (blue) torching got definitely replaced by Full-Metal versions:



Imagine the fun sharing when it’s transposed to Induction Heat mode!..

Even better, this will allow post-vaporization re-heating as demonstrated in the Sublimator of Enrico Bouchard who claimed to produce a fumet characterized by thinner microscopic droplets. So that’s a kind of Semi-DiY “Duplicate & Peer Review” challenge offering some extended range of exploration in exchange for modest spending, less years of frustration trying to re-invent the wheel.

At least i wish i could travel back in time to submit these ideas to my young adult self, decades ago in days when society could only think of total abstainance, further filification or both.


Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:

Quick UpDate

A push-Button option to combine the Optical Probe and Cotton Sample as an even more convenient “sessions recorder”:

To pave the way for later analysis that can feed objective (DUPLICATE & PEER REVIEWED) studies, eventually…

More update…


Reminder note: “PH” stands for PinHole à la VapMan.


In retrospective i can confirm the 17-Holes Metal Disc ain’t absolutely necessary, a simple brass screen will do but this shall move such Hybrid Core 1 mm farther from its workload, which also enlarges bowl capacity. For this to work best just get a Vector Apolo butane lighter or similar as it provides 2 converging blue torch flames that proved most adapted/suitable for the task. Use a 46 tpi saw-blade to cut VG’s SiC “Flame Filter” around its center, a small cutting wheel enabled me to perform the single Screw-Base cut required for limited fresh air injection above that tiny bowl:


This alternative no-brainer Hybrid Core won’t “stretch” a heat pulse the same but it still causes a dynamic shift, allowing to flirt with roasty applications if desired.

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol: