Saving Private MaryJane

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I have got a little plant going that i want to save the strain…i had 12 seeds and unfortunately a wallaby smashed them all and this cutting is all i have left…the cutting has taken off at home. They were fem seeds . So my question is can i treat 1 or 2 flowers on the cutting with colidal silver to pollinate the other flowers on the same plant or do i need 2 seperate plants or cuttings ? And if i do need 2 seperate plants im guessing i cant use 2 cuttings off the same plant because it has the same DNA…i work in molecular plant breeding in agriculture so i understand a bit but as you know pasture and weed are pretty different to breed lol…
Thanks russ


I’m no authority, but plan to try making feminized seeds so I’ve read a little. I see no reason you couldn’t do what you suggest. You’d be working on an inbred line and stabilizing your strain.

I’ve read up on using sodium thiosulfate solution, too, and it seems like a better method to me.

According to the method outlined on this website, you’d need 2 plants for the STS. You could take a few clones from the plant you already have, treat it kind of like a mother plant until you have a stock of seed.

Good luck with it.

Here’s the article I mentioned:

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