Saving my plants

A question from a fellow grower:

I subscribed because I have some plants of my own that I am currently growing for myself and my other half. I had her water them while I was out of town on business and when I came back I realized that after the germination process was finished and she planted the seedlings that she had been feeding them with nutrient solution for the first two weeks instead of water. I have never had someone do this but then again that’s what I get for letting someone look over my plants that doesn’t know what they are doing. I think I have the plants under control now but I still would like another opinion. I know they have nute burn and under watered. Because of that they have stunted growth and have created some odd shaping of the bottom leave due to all the nutrients. These are just my guesses from my observation but then again I am not a master grower. Currently I have a 5’ tent with a 6" sun lamp with a 600HPS. I have two humidifiers and two small fans inside the tent. I also have two fans running at all times, one for running constant air through the light fixture and the second one to bring new air into the tent from outside. It’s been about a week of rehabbing so far and I’m still not sure if I’m on the up and up yet. For the last week the plants have only had PH balanced water (6.3) to be exact. The bottom leaves had sever nute burn with discoloration and the rest of the leaves look they are sad and droopy. They have not perked up yet or gained some the their color back yet. I am concerned that I am going to loose them all. Not exactly sure what to do? I flushed all the plants first and then kept the lights on for 48 hrs, then back to its regular cycle of 18/6. What do you think?

Give it time to recover and if new growth foliage starts , as the plant progress you can remove damage leaves so that plant can focus more on new growth .