Saving my clones... I hope

The past month I’ve lost 4 clones, so I came across this. It’s called sunblaster for your herbs so I’m giving it a try. I have both vents on top at half open going to leave it on until my tent has a bit more room.

A little indoor greenhouse? May work just fine. When rooting… u want hella high humidity ( help with drinking since no roots) and low intensity light (to demote photosynthesis but not stop it n promote rooting)

They have very small roots those plants was cloned around July 20th. When I transferred them to those pots 3 days ago better soil. Worm castings and Doctor bush soil. Hoping to get them to grow

July 20?! Wow they’ve been churning a little minute huh! The casting and good soil should help a ton

Yeah I don’t know what’s going on, they look perky and really green. But just not growing the roots are very small. I’m going to give them 3 more weeks and if no sign of improvement. I’m moving on to my seeds of AH and just let them chill on a window seal.

Hows ur humidity been? And you got cuttings off on the 20th? Im amazed they’ve lived this long without taking off. But the are green! Just strange

Humidity is around 60% lowest was 40%. Yeah I’m pretty puzzled that they haven’t taken off. I know 100% they have roots. So with this mini greenhouse I’ll just let the humidity rise and see what happens. The room there in stays 70%.

Sounds good. Watch with ur final issued threat the ladies explode into little bushes in less then a month and u need more space :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I could only hope for that :joy:

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Pretty common for clones to take a pause, go on walkabout then come back and grow. If they are green and healthy I would let it ride: they will surprise you.


90% is a good humidity for clones. I spray the inside of the lid daily in mine.


Iam now spraying the lid and my humidity is at 91% and a steady temp of 77 degrees. They look really good now I’ve learned so much from this forum. You guys are awesome with sharing your knowledge.


Hows the ladies?

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The girls are doing great

Good to hear. :+1:t5:

I’ll put up pics when I can