Saving a hermied grow

My first grow of a femmized sativa got stressed and hermied at about week 5-6 I’m writing it off as a happy accident as I now seem to have a lifetime supply of female seeds. How long must I let the seeds grow before cutting to ensure they will be viable and do they require a particular drying/curing? Haven’t found anything on treatment of seeds. Thanks.

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I did the same thing, timer on light got bumped and 15 mins of light in middle night ugh… it happened around 5 weeks into flower and I harvested week 10 and I had nice brown seeds that will sprout. But beware seeds from a hermied plant may also hermi lol. While I harvested I got a lot of them by checking almost every bud, still finding tons more while I am smoking.

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You dont want to use seeds from a hermed plant as stated below as all future plants can pollinate grows and destroy a lot of hard work. I had one do that and a little pollen goes a LONG way. If you wanna still smoke the plant keep tryna get the sacs off best u can if it’s your only plant then clean up well.

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Hey, thanks. I’m going to give these fem seeds another chance. I stressed mine seriously–too long a story–had one that was separated didn’t hermie and only got a few seeds from the others and those buds were sweet and sticky.

I think my lighting is set now. Happily, did not have another grow right on its back so I have space and time to do thorough cleaning on my grow room.

Pollen is the enemy!

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Glad to hear I’m not the only one!

This was my first grow in brand new space. I had one plant that was separated from those that got stressed and it had beautiful sticky buds, so I’m willing to give the fem seeds another chance. Happily, did not have another grow right behind it so I have a chance (to try) to de-pollen everything. I also meticulously collected and saved all the pollen sacs I found for future hybriding.

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All that imo is trash. The pollen and the seeds. Removing the sacs would be an attempt at preventing the pollen from adding to the seed count within the buds themselves and hurting your yields further. If you want seeds I’d recommend buying some feminized ones from a reputable source like here so you have the odds in your favor. Be mindful too that even feminized seeds can herm under stress or light leaks from my experience. But all in all good lesson and I wouldn’t waste my time keeping any of it except the bud. If it were me I’d scrap everything lest it was my only plant or I had issues with the whole grow.

Apparently, you re right. I wasn’t able to get any seeds to germinate. A friend advised I should be starting out with Indica so I’m going to give that a try. If that doesn’t work I’m done with feminized seeds.

Seedsman seeds is still running that buy 5 get 5 promo which I think is a good deal. I got 10 blue fire seeds 10 black dog og both from Humboldt and something like 20 freebies between bubba kush and mago sapphire for like a hundred bucks. Check em out esp since theres some other good breeders part of the promo.

Hey, I just discovered that a window I covered with reflective mylar coated 1.5" styrofoam insulation actually allows through a dull glow of light. Is that enough of a light leak to stress plants? My next grow has once again hermied and this time the lights and temps could not be the cause. I’ve got my next set of seedlings already going so I’ve got to get this figured out!

Yeah sounds like that’s the issue. A small light leak can cause stress and thus hermies so definitely cover it up. As far as how to move fwd different people would have different opinions. Me, I ain’t got the time so I’d probably scrap and start fresh or just work with seedy buds depending on size of grow area number of plants etc.