Save me from potential stupidity

I recently bought the HLG 260w Rspec to replace my CLW 250 SolarExtreme.
@dbrn32 pointed me in the right direction and I’m over the moon happy about the new light.
Actually, I can’t even run it at full strength because it’s just that BAD A$$.

However, after some reading, I realized it’s lacking UVA and UVB wave lengths.
After some digging around, I was able to find a fixture and a bulb that would sit
right next to my new light and provide the required UV spectrum. For about $70
I can have an Agromaxx Pure UV T5. I’ve read how UVA and UVB helps in resin production, bud density, terp profile, THC and trichome ripening.

Now with that being said, am I just being dumb and falling for the “Next hottest trend” or am I
on the right path? Is there another avenue to explore before pulling the trigger on this

I’m looking for validation and qualification before buying the T5 because I’m
already sitting on 4 LED grow lights that are complete crap because I didn’t purchase the
correct light the first time.

Question: Would the Argomax T5 help in a better grow paired with the HLG260Rspec?

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Going to tag @Hellraiser in here. He uses the HLG UV bars and may be able to give you a compare and contrast opinion on uv effectiveness


@Watt-Sun actually hell just posted an article on uv. this is the topic

See post 11


It should, but I don’t like messing with UV-B (as I often forget to turn off the UV when working on plants) and T5 bulbs so I went with UV-A lamps like the HLG UVA-30.


Judging by your grows, that’s all the qualification I needed.
Be right back, I’ve got to pay for my shopping cart :laughing:

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