Satrted the 2017 season today. Looking forward to fruitful harvest

Hello members of ILGM.

I am doing a FB group, and I did a video today about starting produce seeds, and propagation tips…I am whipped.

Did a video with my new Zoom Q4, and it came out excellent. I am not editing this multi-part tutorial on FB, but I will have to edit in order to share with you all. Give me a few weeks to learn how to navigate the software (movie editor).

All in all; We started 18 habanero, 18 Green Bells, 8 different varieties of heirloom “Tom;s. Romanian sweet peppers, and Carrots. In 1.5” “Oasis” cubes.

In ProMix BX; We started; “diva” Cucumbers, Shell beans, and "Jack’O;Lanterns for “halloween”. :slight_smile:
Had a really happy day despite the back breaking seed planting process :smiley:


Looking forward to seeing the video
And thanks for reminding me to order seeds for my veg garden :grin::+1:


Yeah, I grow veggies with my seedlings in greenhouse, I think I will start harvesting squash and cucumbers in april, tomatoes and peppers will take longer…

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Wow congrats on the adventure, I’m sure it will be a blast

Having started old dormant seeds; I had a low % of propagation. On the bright side; I got 5 heirloom 'maters, and a bunch of “Jack’o’lanterns”

Looking forward to Halloween :slight_smile:
Videos are stil being processed. It takes forever to upload one of my videos (hours)

later, lw :slight_smile:

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