Sativa vs Indica

First off none of what I say has anything to do with autoflowers. I grow photoperiods so I will only make these comments on what I know. From what I grow.
SATIVA DOMINATE cannabis if grown to 20 or 30 percent amber [I call this ripe] will have a pick me up high. Should not give headaches. If it does grow it next time to have more amber. The more amber the less racey it will be. In my experience if Sativa is grown till it has 60 percent amber or more it will act like an indica. For people to say they don’t like Sativa because it’s to racey or causes headaches or paranoia in my opinion have not let it ripen long enough for there body. Everyone is different and needs a different ripeness.
INDICA DOMINATE cannabis if grown to 30 percent amber will in general be a mellow high that will eventually sit you down with less energy. If grown to 60 percent amber it is most likely to sit you down right away or pretty quick and not want to let you get back up. Possibly make you want to sleep. If cut early when all is cloudy and you are just seeing amber start it will most likely have a racey short lived high possible headaches and paranoia. At 20 percent amber it can act like ripe Sativa. So in my opinion indica also can be grown to the needs of your body. I don’t think as easily a Sativa because no matter what smoke indica all day and it’s going to sit you down and Sativa won’t necessarily do that. Sativa will only act as grown.
Anouther thing to point out is to always be prepared for that odd bud from either strain. If you smoke some Sativa and get any side effects have some good sit me down indica around to smoke and counteract the effects.
Also if you smoke some indica and have side effects have some good Sativa around to smoke and counteract the effects.
I have no idea why I wrote this. Just some useless knowledge floating around in my head that surfaced.
Anyway your thoughts on it.


Good stuff.

I use weed to help me sleep, so I like an indica (indica dominant hybrids work fine too) with a good bit of amber so it puts me down on my a$$ for the night.

The reason that amber trichs put you down is because of the cannabiniod CBN. THC converts to CBN as trichs mature to amber from cloudy. THC also converts to CBN as a harvest ages, so weed that has been sitting for a long time is likely to contain more CBN than it did on the day of harvest.


This was informative to me. I thank you for writing this, some of us needed it. I had heard of the difference between sativa and indica, but less is noted on ruderalis. I hadnt considered that simple sativa adjustment, re: amber percentages (i read that the trichomes turn into CBN [cannabinol] vs THC) and creating a sativa that gives couch lock. I imagine that would be nice. Imo golden dusted nugs just look gorgeous. I think ive seen that in person a few times, but anyways. Definitely woyld make for a decent pic for a prolegalization photo, huh?
Thanks again. Youve offered insight into tweaking the effects to my liking🥰.

I believe it’s a personal preference. For me It’s: Sativa dominant 60/40,THC 12/27%, CBD 3/6%, 5/10% Amber DAY " Fresh to frozen".:smiley:
The same for indica dominant. Night.:sleeping:
I use it for Stress, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD.

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Here’s a trick: keep lemonade fixings on hand (strong) and if you get too high drink that or a glass of orange juice. The citrus will attenuate the high within a few minutes.

I’ve only had an adverse high from GSCX. Loved the plant and the chocolate/mint terpenes but it gave a really jittery high. I wanted to try it again and got the same results. Have a Maui Wowie (one of two) that is almost but not quite as bad but enjoyable. The other M.W. is much less ‘sativa-ey’ lol.


In reality there is zero difference between indicas and sativas…don’t shoot the messenger!!

And the list goes on…


Ive had better luck getting pick me up highs with indica dominates but anything that isn’t a 100% will always be tossup depending on how hard the breeder back bred to stabilize the desired effect


Interesting topic here @DRsDank. I don’t smoke as much as I used too. I do prefer Sativa as I like to get high in daylight and maintain the ability to get shit done. That said I’m very excited about my G-13 that has been flowering for five weeks now. It smells etherial and other worldly. The buds are starting to fill in and I look forward to a new smoke. My chocolope is huge with no signs of flower yet, as is my Amnesia haze and Jack H. All mine are outdoor photoperiods as well. When I was in Alaska last week I tried something called white lemon from the dispensary. Smoked it in the morning and stayed at an even high all day on the boat catching fish.

Seems to me they are talking hybrids which is what most of us talk about. I do still think you can distinguish a plant by the indica or sativa traits. Indica shorter plants fatter leafs sativa tall skinny with thinner leafs. The terpine profile even according to the article’s is different. As we always try to say. Even if it is the same strain terpens vary because of all the hybrids out there. True indica or sativa was named that because of different compositions being found in each by scientists.
With all the cross breeding going on the next things we will hear that there is no difference in the ruderal cannabis compaired to indica or sativa. Mostly because a true pure plant won’t exist. Everything will be a hybrid of all three. Such as autoflowers. My understanding is an auto can’t be created without the ruderals.
This is probably all mute because with all the cross breeding there will be no heirloom plants left. Which means no sativa no indica no ruderal and no hemp. So that does make them right. Thing about plants is It can throw traits of either parent at any giver time from generations back. Growing orange flowers in controled grow indoors keeping seeds for next grow. Next thing you know your asking where did this yellow flower come from. Check linage and find your hybrid orange flower in the very beginning was a yellow flower and a red flower crossed.
That was mostly a rant to the industry not to anyone here did it do any good no. It made me feel better though and now I’m tired.


Oh I totally agree with all that. You can’t buy pure strains at most any of the seedbanks out there. There are ones that specialize in landrace strains, but even those are subject to hybridization if grown carelessly. And there’s historical evidence of different tribes from different parts of Afghanistan/Pakistan/India region trading plants among themselves. So eventually mountain strains were naturally hybridized with lowland strains, etc.
That happened with most of the plants we grow commercially today for food crops.

Sativa and Indica are just Latin words meaning “cultivated” and “Of India” respectively. The names really have nothing other than history to do with the plant structure. Sativa is more in reference to hemp than THC-heavy weed. Hemp is classic “sativa” in structure with long, thin leaf blades and grows taller since it was mainly grown for fibers and was bred for thousands of years to be taller. Yes - even the Egyptians and earlier civilizations practiced selective breeding to achieve their goals.
Indica was named later when the European explorers reached India. While it was being cultivated it wasn’t on the same scale as industrial hemp and it hadn’t been formally hybridized as much aside from the natural wanderings of trade and a plant seed in nature through birds, etc.
Plant structure can be attributed to lack of formal manipulation and environment. It evolved in a much different environment south of the equator.

Rudy is a special case. Seems to me I read somewhere that it’s not technically a true strain of hemp - which is what it sativa and indica are actually. i wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the high THC sativa we smoke today was hybridized from high THC containing hemp plants after someone visited India and saw that it is good! :rofl:

Marijuana has quite a history and has been around a long, long time.

Someone with experience can recommend good autoflower Strains which are more uplifting and don’t give the paranoid feeling. After smoking many years and than stopped some weed now when I smoke here and there gives me a paranoid feeling and pulls me down .

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All these studies are from non-smoking Canadians. American stoners say different.


When will Americans realize that facz is facz and wishing something to be true only works in fairy tales and movies? LOL!

Genetics don’t lie…

Again - I DIDN’T do the MULTIPLE studies that PROVE the claims.
I just reports the FACZ!

Believe what you want brother!

Bot in America, we use FACTS not facz. Anyone other than Ray Charles can see the difference.

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I just kidding with you, brother. Saying there’s no difference, is misleading at best. My brother and I have the same parents, yet we are different. You can take seeds from the same plant, some will be different. No difference in the fact they are both cannabis, but totally different other than that. I agree LOTS of stuff is mislabeled, but if there was NO genetic difference, every single plant would be exactly the same. Same level of THC, same flowering time, etc.


It’s all in how the genetic material is arranged on the ladder as to the outcome.
If every plants genetic chain was arranged the exact same way you’d have genetic homogeneity.
If one little gene moves up or down that ladder, even by one step, then you have a different plant but the genetics are still shared equally in the chain, just not in the same order.
yes - it happens all the time in 2 seeds grown from the same plant.

It’s like comparing chimpanzees and humans - we share 99% of the same genetic information - it’s just not arranged in the same order and maybe a piece or two missing.
One of the articles I’ve read about it implied that certain terpenes are more prevalent in each “type” of weed which lends itself to the different types of highs you get. And of course there’s always the timing of the harvest thing too.
I haven’t seen the studies that debunk that yet, but I’m sure they’re coming! LOL!

It’s just another myth of weed that will never die because it’s been driven into people for so long now.

Oh and I don’t pay any attention to anything. I can only back it but so much. I’m not a geneticist and didn’t conduct the study!
I wonder how that study would have gone down at the 7th grade science fair? :rofl:

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In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s I smoked whatever pot I could find to purchase. Never worried about couch lock or energetic high. It either got me high or it didn’t, that’s how I determined good pot from bad.

In the 2000’s I started growing my own using bag seeds. Mostly kept a perpetual grow going cloning next generation from previous generation. Again, nothing to compare with other then it got me high. Kept going that way for almost 20 years.

Started buying seeds online a few years ago. Tried many different strains the last three years. I might be too old to change, but all the various strains get me high. Some stains I find myself smoking less often because they keep me high longer, those are the strains I tend to prefer.

Sure I can smell a difference when putting my nose near the jar. I can even smell a slight difference in the smell of the smoke when someone else is smoking. But I really don’t see a difference in effect on the body of various strains. Too old to learn I guess.


Yeah - after a bit of cruisin’ around here and hearing people talk about it I discovered what most people call “couch lock” is what I call “getting high”!

:laughing: :joy: :rofl:


I can agree with that. Then came the neuropathy. We tried widow strains a variety of them. She still had pain. Train wreck still pain. Coco mellon still pain not as bad same with mowi wowi. There were others I can’t remember. Then came granddaddy purple pain was gone. Then I did aculpoco gold I worked great. Then it was gold leaf just as good as aculpoco gold. Then I thought granddaddy bruce because it was related to the purple. Yes it worked.
The thing is all of everything she tried got her high. But that was not the goal just a side effect. Then I started messing with how amber the trichomes were. Goal to produce some for a morning relaxing buzz but not sleepy. Then a afternoon energetic buzz. Then a sleepy night time buzz. I have been successful with all. Now her life is better almost good. Some of what worked is sativa some is indica.
Indica for me seems easier to make the night time smoke and sativa easier to make the afternoon smoke. The mornig stuff is easily made from either. This is done by trying to controle the color of the trichomes.
But agan it all gets you high as heck.
I am learning more from this topic because it is forcing me to read more. Thanks to all for that.


You need something with a little higher CBD in it.

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