Sativa Plant Little confuse Have a Look

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male or female ?

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Top one looks female ,sorta.
Need to upload better pictures ,they are blurry to me.

Looks like a pollen sac opened. Are there more maybe only a few you can remove and keep ‘her’ going? i stole this pic from leafy


Your plant contains both female and male parts (hermaphrodite)

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Looks like a herm to me.


My eyes say as much, too.

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2nd plant is producing seeds, seed mature but back and white lines on seeds. How did you know it will be ready?

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Oh there’s a second plant. I don’t know whats going on here, now it looks like you had a 2nd plant near the first one in question, and the first one pollinated this one, or vice versa. Are all the pics from before today the same plant? Then today’s are all of the 2nd plant?

The same plant photo is given in this thread but the plant is producing seeds, will this plant be smokalable? When will it be ready?

No it has too many. Sorry for the bad news.
If it were to continue making buds it would be at least a month, but by then it would be a bundle of seeds.

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How to find out proper female seed I use regular seeds

I have a female plant too but the female plant is not smelling yet and the one I have has a lot of seeds, why does it smell so weedy?

I’m not sure, I have a guess, the seeded one matured fast to make seeds and reproduce.
If you have the space. Plant many seeds in many small pots, a liter or quart. Make them flower young and only keep females. I dont know how else to do it.

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