Sativa plant growing from white widow seeds

it took 9 weeks to start to flower. I’m in week 14 now and it rebloomed. it is pushing bright green pistols into the white puffball flowers that already have orange hairs. Very little tricomb growth at present. This was supposed to be an autoflower white widow. I don’t think so… Any ideas what strain sativa was crossed to make white widow?

Welcome! The sativa parent is a Brazilian landrace. What you’re describing sounds like foxtailing and can be pretty common with auto’s. You have pics?

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As a devout technophobe, I do not have pics. Crap cameras for this format. foxtailing sounds correct, This is my first sativa/sativa dominant. Any guess on time left to harvest? Hey thanks for responding, this is fun. Been growing 4 yrs, closet grow by name but not by design. good for 4 plants. Self contained a/c and heat, timed 900w lamps, ventilated in and out. I went nuts but it works well.


Do you have a digital microscope to check the trichomes? I had an auto Lemon Haze that has a 8 week time frame, take nearly 16. I gave a friend my GSC-EXT autos and he grew them outside and they took a good 16 weeks. I have read that any time frame given add two weeks to it, that the flowering times noted when you buy seeds are for commercial growers mostly and in a perfect world, of which I am not sure exists.

If you don’t have a scope, you can take a bud to sacrifice for a try. I put the oven on 170, lowest it goes, let it get to temp, then turn off, set bud on a strainer to lift it up, leave oven light on, and let it dry. It doesn’t take a long while, a few hours, but it is enough to smoke it and see if the effects are what you are looking for. It will smoke a bit grassy and probably a bit harsh as it has not cured or off gassed chlorophyl but it does give you an idea of where the plant is.

well after a full six month grow, even with the stress it went thru, it yielded 3 oz and is pleasantly potent. I still never want a straight sativa grow again. Live, learn and start a new grow. Bubble gum this time round.

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