Sativa Mixpack grow


I just dropped one each of Strawberry Cough, Super Lemon Haze and a Chocolope in some distilled water with a splash of hydrogen peroxide.

Wish me luck… I damn sure need it!


Happy growing

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You will do great…be sure to study Robert’s Grow Bible, it is a free download if you have not already done that.

I am eager to see how the Sativa Mix Pack does for me as well.

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Blessings to ya!

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I’m jealous wishing you and good and healthy grow!!

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I’ll be anxious to see them grow. I have a strawberry cough that was given to me that I want to eventually grow. Good luck :wink:


Awesome, good luck with them!

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We have 1/4" tails on all 3! Now into the FFOF soil they go.


this thread creates questions…
indoors or outside grow.?

r these beginner friendly strains.?
how many of each r u gonna try to grow.?

tag me, @SlowOldGuy, or press the reply on this post with the answers.!

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FFOF is a veg mix,
i’d start the seedlings in a seedling mix, FFOF might ‘burn’ them to death.

Indoor grow… 2nd grow, I still consider myself a beginner. The Super Lemon Haze is listed as moderate difficulty growing, and both Strawberry Cough and Chocolope are listed as easy.


Too late…


Sativa’s can be a real handful inside under lights,
u need the best lighting possible, lots of head room, the more experience with indoor growing the better…

this may turn out fine, but i’d suggest to stay away from sativa dominant strains indoors as a beginner.!!
u might wanna plant the sativa mix outside in full sun and order some indica dom. seeds that r rated as easy to grow.!!

oops, but maybe they’ll make it.!
this simple mistake shows that sativa dom. may not be for u inside under lights.!!

have u read any grow books.?
Bergman has a free download of his cannabis grow book.!!!

I start mine in FFOF and haven’t lost one because of it :wink:


The 3 seedlings will initially go into a 32 x 32 x 60 tent with a HLG 135 4000K light. Once they outgrow that tent, they will be moved to a 48 x 48 x 80 tent with an HLG 320 XW 3000K. (I will add more lighting once I figure out what to put in there. Kinda steering towards getting a longer heatsink and transfer the boards to it then get another 320 XL)


this would satisfy the sativa light requirements.!!

i m not trying to be a dick, just trying to save u 4-6 months of headache.!
compared to indicas, sativas… grow taller, stretch wildly in flower, and have a much longer flower time,
these traits take all of an experienced grower’s resources to be 100% successful.

read every grow book and gardening book u can find, watch a chit ton of u-tube videos,
then re-read all the grow books again.!!!
u will need all this info to reduce the stresses of your sativa grow.!


You’re fine! I have more knowledge than the average “beginner”… however I definitely lack the experience. I’ve seen you help many others (or ya at least tried to, lol) i have done ALOT of reading, watching videos of successful grows, bla bla bla. My 1st grow was a Sativa, so I’m familiar with them wanting to reach for the sky… we gotta hold the bitches down!


Sounds like you have a good handle on your grow :wink:


Indica smoke is everywhere… I’m one of the few people who prefer a Sativa effect. I don’t care to smoke then veg out, I wanna go do something… hence the reason I am now attempting to grow my own. There’s just no Sativa to be bought in my area… probably because it’s hard to grow! But somehow/some way… I’m gonna learn.


Just take your time with them listen to there needs and enjoy the beautiful smoke they will produce for you!! Can’t wait to watch you harvest a beautiful harvest!!!