Sativa mix pack problem

Has anyone experienced 17 out of 30 duds with the sativa mix pack I have already had 17 duds and 5 in pots now that also seem to be not doing anything also …mad and very frustrating

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I bought the saliva mix pack a couple months ago. Was successful with 2 of 3 chocolope and 1 for 1 with strawberry cough. So overall 3 of 4 so far, a 75% success rate. The lost chocolpope never germinated.

Make sure to email customer service and get your replacement seeds if they didn’t make it.
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Like @Covertgrower points out, just contact customer service on seed site and let them know. They’ve replaced entire order for me before even though only a couple didn’t germinate. Welcome to ILGM forum.


I have the same mix pack. I spouted one of each, no problem.

I have 100% with ILGM Genetics

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