Sativa / Indica , I started six plants from six seeds that I had acquired

I have started six plants, from six seeds, that I had acquired over the last few years. They all came from very good weed or I wouldn’t had saved them. I have now six very healthy 12 to 14 inch plants , “all females”. My problem is that three of them are Sativa, and three of them are Indica. I really didn’t think this through very well, My grow tent is only 3’ x 3’ x 60", I have transplanted one of each outside into the flower garden. (wife says no more of that) I still have four beautiful plants that are thriving in my tent, but I’m afraid I am going to run out of growing room, especially when the Indicas start stretching out. Can I scrog them ? Top them ? I really don’t want to have a problem before they are ready for harvest. Its been a lot of work , and I have developed a close relationship with my girls. I would appreciate any advice anyone may have, thanks in advance for your help. Oh and the two I put outside are doing great after a week. I think it will be interesting to see what my yield will be indoor vs outdoor.

It’s gonna be a tight fit for sure. I have 1 plant filling up my 18"x36"tent. Topping them is just gonna make them shorter and wider

I agree with @HornHead you’re gonna fill that space quickly. My suggestion is keep them low and veg them shorter so as to not outgrow your space. Low stress training and topping/fimming will help with the height.

If I top the Indica , can I keep it under 4 ft. tall ? I have a 1200 watt LED light that takes some space at the top of the tent. Sorry “SilentHippie” what do you mean when you say (veg them shorter) ?

I filled a 4x4 tent with 2 white widows autos, was thinking I could grow 8 in there, just put up one more tent yesterday :star_struck:

Sorry again, just realized it is the Sativa that grows taller . Either way, I guess I need someone that knows what they are talking about to tell me if I am headed for disaster, or if I can manage four plants in that space, complicated by the fact that two are Sativa, and two are Indica.

You just hahad 2 different people try to help. But since we don’t know what we’re talking about, good luck to you

No problem, you can do it. First thing, ya need a net. When salivas get tall, ya supercrop them. Don’t top them more than once. I have 10 in same size area :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks Bryan, that’s the info I was looking for. I did get a net but not really sure how that works. I guess it is just an obstacle to slow the plant down a little ? It is an elastic net and the openings are quite large. I have it so the top shoots are up through, and most of the leaves are being gently held down by the net.

Idea is to grow thru the net, then keep bending everything back down, making a flat canopy. Keep your plants on 18/6 lighting for a short time and flip to 12/12 early on.