Sativa in a short tent

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I bought some seeds. 75% sativa/25%indica. Six feet tall. Unfortunately, I have a small tent, only 4’ . Yeah, I messed up. It’s not very wide either. 3’. Question: is it worth the effort to grow a sativa dominate strain in a space that small? I know you can both top the plant and train it but would a six foot sativa still get large spaces between nodes? Would it be too stretched? If I put it in short and young my yeild will not be very good. If I wait too long it will bush out side ways with long, lean branches because it’s sativa.

I don’t think it will work. I am considering a shorter, indica dominant strain instead. I don’t want to waste my time.

What do you think?

Oh, don’t be so negative. You know what doesn’t work, now just find out what will. I’m pretty sure you can pin those suckers down no matter what the strain is.

Let’s see what our bonsai expert says. @Arrow


You’re gonna have problems with even short indicas with only a 4’ tent - take away a foot for the pot, another foot for the light and some space above it and below it and you only got a couple feet of vertical grow space. Solution is simple, get a bigger taller tent.


That’s kind of tough, I don’t have the space. Believe me, if I could add even two feet I’d me happy. I figured I could train an indica down to a couple of feet. Someone mentioned bonzai. That would be better with an indica. I figured the sativa would be out of the question.

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I don’t want to start something that won’t waste my time. I thought someone here may have more experience. I’ve had a sativa before. They are hard to keep down. San Fernando Valley OG. It had a lot of space between buds.

Then get the indica (or whatever). I can only say, “Yes you can” so many times. If you’re sure of failure then go with what you’re comfortable. If you can’t provide the plants with more headroom, your options are limited. Happy growing…


Yeah I’d stay away from 100% sativas or Blue Dream - loves to stretch but with short veg times less tall plants and using a screen or LST you can make it work.


U have pics

Those plants look good

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What brand tent is it? Some brands have extensions you can zip in to increase headspace.

" If you’re sure of failure then go with what you’re comfortable."

Why the attitude? I have a limited space and time available. No need to be rude.


My buddy had this sativa in a window … it wouldn’t veg or flower for obvious reasons. I sold him some old stuff and this is what he did to make it work. This plant was seriously 4ft tall. I’ll throw ya a pick of the first day he popped it in the tent with a 400watt HPS light.

Btw that’s a 5ft tent

i will catch up reading later…but you can make it work…it is not easy, but its doable…you will definitely have to sharpen your training skills and you will have to employ them on the right time, like @oldmarine pointed out…you can also bonsai or scrog…hell i have seen people run sog style grows in that sort of space…but you need to know what you doing… :sunglasses: :v:

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I had a 6ft tall sativa autoflower in my tent a year ago I posted on here the thing was so tall it ran into my lights it was out of control. I haven’t grown a sativa since only Indica I really like my bitches short stubby and with a giant bush they tend to be low maintenance.


One thing i did to add space was cut a hole in the top of the tent, and the ceiling of the room is a drop ceiling so i just suspended the light from a floor joist, and had the surface if the light sitting flush with the top of the tent. Used fabric tape to seal the top of the tent to the edges of the light. Bought me another 10", as well as moved a lot if the heat from the light outside the tent.

Even if you have no space above the tent, there are ways to secure the light without the ropes. Just got to be careful. Even in my 80" i ran out of room, so ive ziptied the hanger wires on each side, directly to the tent supports so i could cut out all the room the hoists and clamps took up.

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If youre going to cut a hole though, i recommend cutting only 3 sides, so its more like a flap instead of a hole. That way you can just tape it back over when you want

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Then get the indica (or whatever). I can only say, “Yes you can” so many times. If you’re sure of failure then go with what you’re comfortable> Blockquote

Come on, buddy, I am a new member. I feel bad enough wasting $120 on seeds I probably can’t use effectively.

I see a lot of great ideas here. Thanks a lot! Unfortunately my height is set due to the location. No extra. I have got to change that.

I was at a different forum and they loved the plant tied down sideways! Lol. That was great.

After careful consideration and a lot of help from several forums, I think it would be better to start off with an indica and take the loss on the cost of the sativa seeds. Like the guy said, space/lights/space/plant/pot takes up a lot of room. It may be hard to get a harvest with an indica in a short tent but it’d be easier than a sativa dominant. I think it’s the node spacing that matters in this case.

Low stress training indicas is cool! I’ve seen some pictures of really short indicas with big buds. Lol.

I had a 6ft tall sativa autoflower in my tent a year ago I posted on here the thing was so tall it ran into my lights it was out of control.

Wow. Lol. That’s exactly what I’m worried about. Then they get scorched!
I may donate the sativa dominate seeds to a local veteran’s organization (it’s high CBD low THC) and get a shorter strain. I think it helps with PTSD. I know it helps with pain.

I’m not sure if I will buy from ILGM though. They gave me nothing but grief in customer support. They kept sending seed review requests for the sativas. I tried to get them to stop, explaining I couldn’t really use the seeds because they would be tall. I told them it was my mistake, they did fine. Shipping was fast, ect. I said they were great. I was the one who failed. But each seed review email request, then their following emails, made me feel worse. They were kind of stalkerish. $120 down the drain and they kept reminding me of it. I found later out the review emails are automatic.

Anyway, it escalated into an angry email exchange. It was really weird.

A different rep, Alex, maybe a supervisor? looked over all the the emails we exchanged, ended up admitting they were wrong, I just wanted to stop the emails, nothing more. The customer representative escalated it and caused a conflict where there was none. I guess she got this idea I was a thief or scammer trying to cheat ILGM but I did absolutely nothing to deserve it.
Alex, the “hero” rep (ha ha, what names!) read all the emails and apologized profusely. He said I was right and said “this apology may be too little too late but we’d like you to come back, customer service means everything here”. I’m not sure I trust them now. The whole episode sucked.

Alex the “hero” rep sent me here to explore my options. Here I am, starting from square one.

Think I’ll save up my money for CBD indica seeds. Lol. You can bet I’ll check the height of the plant first thing.

Anyway, thanks for the help guys.

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Losing money when your first starting to grow is normal it’s just part of the process of growing. I tell everyone on here growing isn’t easy as much as the articles online make it seem like it is it’s not. Just like any thing else il ife when you first start your gonna make mistakes meaning a loss of time and money but it will pay off if you stick with it.

As for ilgm even though you had a bad experience the genetics are good at a good price most other seed banks are gonna charge 50 bucks for a 3 pack of seeds plus shipping. Also the forum here is the best forum online all other forums suck. The bad advice on other forums make me question if people even grow or are just posers lol anyways Just keep at it if everything worked out perfect on your first grows that would be mostly luck.


This plant, at harvest, was about 20" from tip to topsoil.

You can do it. Or not.