Sativa for 2'x4'x60" tent

I’ve got a decent-sized Granddaddy Purple outdoors, close to harvest, so I’m sorted for Indica buds hopefully. Next I’d like to grow a Sativa plant in my smallish tent. Due to a low ceiling in my basement area, I am limited to a 60" tall tent, and the only 60" tent I could find is 2x4’. I have a good SonoFarm 2000 LED lght, a 4" fan and charcoal filter. I will be growing in soil, probably a 25-gallong grow bag.

Right now I’m finishing off a sickly White Widow that I am trying to save, but in a few weeks the tent should be ready for something new.

So… I know Sativas typically grow tall, but is there a variety known for smaller growth habit, or possibly lends itself to LST so I can keep it within the confines of the tent and low-hanging light?

TLDR: What’s a good mostly-Sativa strain for small tent growing?

Thanks in advance!


Try Maui wowie. I grew one last year and it didn’t grow too tall.


Not sure you’d want a 25 gallon bag in a 2x4 tent.


(Grow bag sizes and soil: approximate measurements if filled to the top.)

Size Height Diameter
2 Gallon Grow Bag w/ Handles 9.5" 8"
5 Gallon Grow Bag w/ Handles 12" 10"
7 Gallon Grow Bag w/ Handles 12" 13"
10 Gallon Grow Bag w/ Handles 14" 14.5"
25 Gallon Grow Bag w/ Handles 18.5" 20"

5 gallon fabric pot or 7 gallon fabric pot will work fine for your indoor grow. I’m with @Newt 25 Gallon that’s a lot of soil to buy.


Thanks all for the suggestions. Will re-think the pot size.

One vote for Maui Wowie so far. Any others?

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I use 10-gal bags and I’m in the minority. Most use smaller bags. The only way I’d consider a 25-gal bag is if I were growing a big plant outside.


Sour Diesel is nominally a 90% sativa and would lend itself to training techniques like SCROG’ing (which I’d strongly suggest you go to school on with that low ceiling)

Here is an example: plant is 30" from the ground. Yield was 14 oz of dried flower.

Plant was outside for pictures.


Thanks for the advice everybody. One more question: Assuming 5-gallon grow bags and scrogging, how many plants in a 2x4 footprint?

I used to run a 2x4 and wouldn’t go more than 2, particularly if they are photos. Three would be pushing it, but you might get away with it if you manage them properly.


Likely 2 with a scrog (possibly 3)

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You will need to use Scrog when it comes to growing a Sativa. Otherwise your tent will get cramped and then the plant won’t produce very well.

My Sativas always grow between 7’ to 8’ as I don’t train.

OK I just ordered ten Maui Wowie seeds for the grow tent as soon as my sickly White Widow is finished.

I’ll do a SCROG with two plants in 5 or 7-gallon soil containers and see how they fare.

Thanks for all the suggestions.