Sativa edibles are they a thing?


Like tinctures and butter, are they used for that?

I know indica dominant strains are but what ways should you consume sativa dominant strains without smoking ? Thanks


Absolutely! @Fever Butter, coconut oil, olive oil, tinctures, vape juice…all of the above. You can infuse into any oil you might want to cook with. Coconut oil is the most versatile in my opinion. Have you checked out the recipe section on the forum? Lots of cookie recipes, but some savory ones too. I think WillD uses some infused oil when he makes a pesto style pasta…so infuse away and use with whatever your favorite dishes are.


Ok @AnneBonny I will be a little more blunt. I heard sativa dominant strains can make you twitch like a seizure and even rick from rso fame says it’s not calming and too intense even if it has the same medicinal benefits.

Read: sativa edibles


Hmmm…I must be having a brain cramp as I don’t understand the question then. You’re curious if an edible made from a sativa dominant strain will be too strong and cause anxiousness? Sorry, I’ve had too many sleepless nights so I may just not be functioning on all cylinders to get what your asking.


Pretty much
Over stimulated

What is the truth and what is the best way to use sativa dominant strains in non smoke form? What is the medical usage/purpose. I can’t seem to find the answer online


I think he is asking if there are “strain particular” edibles, and if a sativa edible would produce similar effects to smoking a bowl of sativa - in the same way that Indica edibles can induce couch-lock…


And if that is the case what medical benefits do sativa dominant edibles have?


You can take people’s opinions and answers but when it comes down to it, you should just try it yourself.

Everybody’s body reacts different to certain types of cannabis strains. I’m growing Durban poison right now. I’ll infuse it with coconut oil. I can let you know what happens. Won’t be for months tho, she’s only 5 inches tall.


On the other hand you can try them to find out the outcome, sometime you have to experience to learn a thing or two.