Sativa Dominant Indoor Grow Recommendations

Greetings Everyone,

I am close to finishing up a grow of some feminized Banana Kush and Strawberry Kush in my indoor 48X48X80" grow tent using a 600W grow light. I am excited to see my plants in my second week of flowering and I am already looking ahead to my next grow. That is where my request for recommendations comes in.

I am looking to buy feminized Sativa dominant seeds here on ILGM and need recommendations for a particular strand that will be good for day use that also will be receptive to grooming/pruning and won’t outgrow the height of my grow tent.

Can any of you recommend strains that would fit my grow tent and give the desired effect of a good day use cannabis? I have been eyeballing Train Wreck and Blue Haze, but I would love to hear from some of the growers on this forum that have experience with particular strains of sativa dominant strains.

As always, I thank you in advance for recommendations.


Can’t go wrong with Super Silver Haze. I just grew one next to a gold leaf in a 4x4. I put it in a 2x4-ish scrog and harvested 6.76 ounces after 148 day grow (60 days in veg).


I am just finishing an Amnesia Haze right now and I used Super Cropping to keep it all at the same level it’s a beautiful smoke :v:️.


My next grow I have 4 clones I took off of a captain chem number 4 and I have a blue dream seed from ilgm (my 1st purchase from ilgm) that has sprouted and is growing.
The blue dream is sativa dominant and I’ve never had ilgm blue dream but if it’s anything like my local dispensaries that I had it’s an outstanding daytime smoke. Really uplifting and packs a punch. I’m curious to hear what you pick. The two you just grew are on my list to purchase. I can’t wait to try those strains someday. Enjoy your growing