Sativa and Indica?

I’ve seen many discussions of the two types, but I don’t understand the difference in effects. THC content affecting the high makes sense but what is the diff between Sativa and Indica types that causes a difference in say a mellow high and one that is “cerebral” or invigorating? Is it a different THC chemically?


Not really, I believe much if that to be a generalization more than a fact. There is weed grown in the Himalayas and Northern India that is hard to classify because some grows like indica and some grows like sativa. Mostly the two posses different general physical traits such as broad leaves versus long narrow ones. The strain Johaar typically has super huge leaves and grows tall is considered sativa like but also indica like.
A true indica typically has smallish fat leaves and is a short squat plant, the true sativa is typically tall with long skinny leaves. The high can be very different depending on time of harvest, strain and terpenes each plant contains. It is possible to have a sativa that was picked very late that has couch lock effect like an indica. It is also possible to have an indica with a clear high and not a heavy stone. Johaar is very sativa like when picked early so most hash makers pick it late in the season for maximum resin production and it gives a hashier stone.


I’ll add on. The comment above is correct, when it comes to effects it is based on the profile of the active compounds in the bud(Cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids) typically sativas would have a more uplifting affect and Indica having a couchlock affect but in all honesty good luck finding a pure strain in the first place. I’d probably recommend just looking up the strain on google The reviews of the affects of a strain you are interested in. Since there was a serious dark age in the states a lot of genetics are so unbelievably skewed it’s much better to just go off the known database than the Sativa indica scale


Sativa for the win… I love a good energetic thought provoking creative buzz… ofcourse ya got hybrids but as for the topic heading I’m a sativa guy! And welcome to the site btw Murphy, got any pics of your current grow or what’s your plans…good luck keep it green😎


Sativa= creative, energetic, paranoia, racey thoughts, anxiety and typically burns faster and its a creeper. We call it LG ( light green)

Indica= relaxed, mindful, dgaf, munchies and typically burns slower and you feel the high immediately


Great summary.


See thats generalizing the cannabis plants and I dont like to do that. Ive smoked pure sativas that leave your face melted into a bag of Natcho chips face down on the couch. I smoked pure Afghan hash plant that aas clear and present. It really depends on many factors.
I prefer a clean high and so I search for original cultivated plants mistakenly called landraces. I am currently growing Balkhi, a dwarf form of Mazar i Sharif and Johaar. These cant easily be classified as Sativa or Indica because they are unique to an area and have been cultivated for drug use for hundreds of years. They have both sativa and indica traits and are grown for charas or hash production. These plants are about the purest original strains left on earth. Soon even these will be tainted with seed from outside sources because tourist are trading seeds with the local growers. Some grower wont accept seed because they are famous for the weed they grow. These plant are responsible for the fruity mango flavoured and hashy smelling varieties we all know and love. My goal is to grow out a couple healthy males and females and repeatedly make seed in greenhouse here in an effort to preserve the traits and maybe get a nice pheno to clone?

My Johaar smells so mango lemony that I want to eat it! Im sure deer would kill each other for the chance. Its absolutely fantastic smelling. In a way I hope its a male? Id love to pass its genes on.

so this plant can hit 14 feet tall, definitely not indica right? But look at the super fat leaves? Definitely not sativa right?

I also prefer the typical sativa high, but Im not totally sold on the strain thing. And now the hybrids have confused the sativa/indica debate even more! You dont know what yer going to get.


If I had the choice I think Sativa would be my brand. In all the years of underground weed, we would smoke whatever burned. :slight_smile: