Sap from bugs or is it natural?

Hey everyone,
I have just harvested and aito Jack Herrer which I purchased here. The plant took a long time to mature, almost 14 weeks! I grow inside in soil under HPS lights (500 watts). The plant seemed healthy through the grow and it looks like I’ll hane about two ounces once fully cured. My question is this: when I harvested it yesterday, I noticed little brown bubbles of sap on all of the colas. There are maybe three or four bubbles of sap per cola. I’ve never seen this before in any previous grows. Could this be a Jack Herrer trait, a bug, or something to do with the fact that it seemed to take a few extra weeks to get it to maturity?
Thanks I’m advance for any insight.

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I don’t know what this is but I have had a couple of similar instances.

It may not be the same thing but when this appeared on my plant, I tasted it. It was very sweet to the taste and a bit syrupy and sticky.

I will be watching for others posting to gain any insights that they have to offer.

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Looks like resin. Toss is in your dab rig and see how it tastes :wink:


I believe that’s called Guttation. More or less from root pressure of plant taking up water while stomata are closed during night time or lights off. To best of my knowledge anyway.


That sounds about right, @dbrn32, it appeared at the stem/frond interface and it was, as you suggest, first thing after lights ON.


I used my tongue LOL, I figured what the heck (or something close)


Looking pretty close to done. Lots of swollen calyxes.


Ok, so it’s nothing to really worry about. I harvested yesterday. I wanted to give it another week but I’m traveling next week and needed to get it dry before I leave. Here’s hoping it’s a good batch!
Thanks for the quick responses everyone!