Santa made it snow

This more funny than anything… I’m chopping this plant in 3 days so I pulled it to inspect it… My grandson comes walking past the room sees it and says … Whoa :astonished::astonished: Santa made it snow for Christmas :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Lmfao I just got done saying that in another post about my ladies! Looking good man! What strain?

Banana OG… I’m harvesting 3 others as well…white widow , A lithium and a lemon candy. I didn’t take pics of the others or I’d share.
Don’t ever grow lemon candy what a PIA and foxtailed like crazy.

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Good to know! I’m running some GDP and GCK. They look really good and smell even better so far I’ve only ran ILGM seeds. Bruce banner, girl scout cookie extreme, Gorilla original glue, and what im growing now GDP and GCK
Thinking next grow probably do zkittles and runtz


Looking very good…your gonna like the way that green crack smokes.makes a good morning smoke. How did you like the Cookies. The guy I get clones from is always trying to push that one on me. I don’t usually go for the popular strains. My guy got about 50 stains of clones now so who knows where I go my next grow… definitely one is gonna be strawberry cough.
I wish I had the patience for beans. I have like 50 and always go out and buy clones :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

That first picture is beautiful!

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I really enjoyed the GSCE it had a soft chocolate taste and smell to it. A lot of my friends said it was the best of the bunch when compared to GOG and BB. Colors were awesome nice purple hues and big nugs

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Thank you sir! I wish this plant was better trained. Tried a new training method and didn’t care for it so I just threw them into flower. Most my plants end up a bit taller and much wider. 2 plants will take up my 4x8 but its more of a 4x7 due to giving up space for ac, dehumidifier, and fans

Good story. There used to be a stupid TV show Kids Say the Darndest Things.
All of your plants look great. GDP is up next for me.


Part 2
I should have added. My Daughter says…that’s money :dollar: Green my boy .
Me: it’s f-ing medicine , stop talking like that.
My wife: everybody get out!
Me: :astonished::astonished::astonished:
My wife: you too!



Lol she’s not wrong that’s a solid 600-900$ plant right there

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That’s the scary part. I never sell any because I don’t want that kind of attention at Fing all…

For me, it means I don’t lose my meds after taking them. Since those meds keep me alive…

Ya know?

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I’m a little old to be slinging smoke. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: I grow because I have anxiety. My wife would have me in the streets for any kind of fowl play. Although it’s legal here to gift. I gift to a veteran program and the wife gifts small amounts to chemo patients. She works at a hospital and some can seriously not afford the dispensary.
The wife does not smoke.
My daughter on the other hand does what she wants.she thinks it’s a free for all since you can possess up to 3oz on you and 5lbs at home. The 5lb rule is what has me gifting…Younger people are making it much more main stream. It’s no longer medicine it’s recreational now.