Sanitize grow tent

What is everyone using to clean there tent before the next grow? Can i use something like Lysol spray cleaner.

I’m really interested in this topic because after I flower my current seedlings I am going to have a grow for feminized seeds and I want to be sure to get all of the pollen out of my tent after I harvest the seeds.

I am growing a auto flower right now. Don’t want any problems with the next grow i am a first time grower.

You can use hydrogen peroxide mixed with water to do a wipe down to disinfect. I’d use something like bleach or similar to do any cleaning for real dirty stuff.

I actually don’t clean my tent. I’ve had zero issues where it’s required to clean it up. I will give the bottom a clean after my 4
Girls finish due to having Toilet Bowl Seeds. Just to be on the safe side.

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Diluted bleach is the best liquid disinfectant out there. 1:10 with water, it’ll break down all organic matter and converts to harmless salt quite quickly. The only issue is it might damage your tent, so it’s smart to test on an inconspicuous spot.

I mist diluted unscented bleach with a spray bottle anytime I want to get things sterile.


Clorox wipes then a buckets of warm water, finished by drying with clean towels


I’ve used bleach/water as well as hydrogen peroxide/water in the past.

I bought a Co3 (ozone) generator last month. That’s what I’ll be using from now on.

Uvc light

Exactly what I do.

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Hey Drinkslinger I just wanted to throw a word of caution your way concerning ozone generators. They work by depleting the area of oxygen so please be careful and imply due diligence. I ran a construction crew that specialized in water/fire restoration and we used ozone machines routinely to help remove odors left from water/fire damage. All my guys were trained by a company rep. who always stressed more than anything else to stay outta the building while ozones were operating or face possible dire consequences. Just wanted to pass this along to you in case you did not know. Good luck buddy!!


Thanks for the warning. I’m aware :+1: