SandMan’s First ILGM Seed Indoor Grow Journal

Hello ILGM family!

I purchased and popped my ILGM seeds and my seeds have been doing well under my 300W LED lights.

…only problem is, now some of the plants, more in specifically the White Widow (the one I’m pointing my finger at) are about to touch the humidity dome.

What do I do? My tent is in a tiny house that runs a little hot. I have an A/C unit in there blowing on the tent, but I don’t think it can get humid like the dome. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!

Time elapsed in Veg: 2 weeks
Lights: 300W Full Spectrum LED
Grow Room Size: 4’ x 4’ x 7.5’
Medium: SuperSprouter Pods in Coco Coir + Perlite
Feed: Spring water + Mammoth P

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Not sure about the rest. But that girl is ready for the bigtime! Get her out the dome.

O and how high is that light? Babies got a lil stretch on em

Thank you for the response! The plants are 39" from the light. Should I keep the others in the dome and take the WW out?

Drop the like 3-4 inches. And yes. She can be removed. Looks like a big girl in a stroller :joy:


:joy: thanks man!

looks like you need to transplant all but 2 or at least support them. and yes like @PurpNGold74 said lower lite… if they keep stretching then lower it some more. hope this helps.

That’s a sure sign they don’t need the humidity dome. I take my clones out when they are about four inches high and have two sets of leaves.


I too only keep my dome on seedlings for roughly 4 days to a week then it’s off. If your having trouble keeping humidity up you can grab a cheap humidifier and add it in your room

Thank you for the tips. I had no idea how long to keep it on

Dome is off and I see that the stems are really long…what do you guys think? What can I do to beef it up?

BTW, transplanting to hydroton in my DWC setup this weekend. Any tips?

Your overwatering big time… stop it… :wink:
Your plants are drowning… let them dry out… thank me later… :grin:


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Dude I really appreciate the feedback!

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In all of your pics , your soil looks wet…
Let them dry out and those girls will take off…
When you go to transplant , add about 40% perlite to your soil… it will help you with your overwatering problem…:wink:


I really appreciate that feedback! I am going to switch to hydroton and DWC. Do you have any tips for that?

I removed the dome after raising the plants about 4 inches higher.

I noticed that some of these girls are top heavy and kind of fall over. I have some pipe cleaners in there, but they keep changing position. Any tips on how to stabilize them?

I am going to switch to a DWC system, but I don’t exactly know when I should pop them in their buckets. How do you know when it’s time?

I really appreciate all the support from this group, you people are awesome

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All of them need to be replanted. Your light needs to come down by a lot more. That led light actual wattage is 125 I believe so you should be way closer than 39 inches.

For that many plants I would start to think about investing into more lights. I’ve had the same issue with my plants with not having enough light and I have two big girls just starting their 12/12 light cycle.

Not only that just like @peachfuzz said you’re over watering. While the girls are little it’s might benefit you better to just mist them until they are in the veg stage. Perlite is used to add aeration to the soil making it difficult for you to drown the babies.

I normally transplant when the roots are starting over populate their grow area. So maybe about 2 weeks or 3 weeks depending on strain and lights.

If I missed anything or was incorrect in anything I’m pretty sure somebody on here will correct me.

@PurpNGold74 @Wildwest what do yall think?


@Vexer also suggested bending the stems slightly back and force but not to much because they could break. This is to stimulate leaf production and stem strength instead of length.

Is that correct?

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You dont want to bend anything yet, she is still so fragile…

I would either get a lollypop stick or some sort of “crutch” for the stems to hold the up towards the light, you can also try mounding some dirt around and up her stem, that will the enocourage new roots from the covered stem. You need a strong stem to hold whats to come so work on getting them strapped up to something…

When my over stretched when I replanted I the soil all the way up to the first leaves and lowered they light. The stem new growth came back stronger.

Do you have a fan on them? Fans also make the stems stronger to but I wouldn’t turn it on now until they become stronger.

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Those are beyond bending at this point, they are already too stretched. They need a higher soil level at this point for support.

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