San Tra Bajo Auto, older leaves turn pale green then yellow


I have planted a Sin Tra Bajo Auto and the plant is now in mid to late flowering stage. The plant is showing magnesium deficiency sign, old leaves became light green and some became yellow, very yellow. The flowers look great and healthy and they grow fast though! I sprayed epsom salt and I even provided epson salt with water but I’m not really sure if it got better, I know the yellow leaves wont get better now but it still happens to some new leaves. I actually dont understand how could it have magnesium deficiency! I am planting it in good soil, pH level is always between 6 and 6.5, and the fertilizer I use contains Mg!
This made me think that it could be a normal behaviour for Sin Tra Bajo, I looked it up and I found no reviews on Sin Tra Bajo. Please tell me if its a normal behaviour or not.


Hope they make it through bro they look really beauthifull bro i never got this strain so i cant really help you with that but you csn go to other categories about diseases and nutes problems light water and more maybe you can get the righg help there hope this helps you! From a fellow grower


Some plants during late flowering the leaves naturally turn yellow and slowly start to die towards the end of harvest. Not sure if that’s what’s going on but it might be.


Natural part of it the plant is pulling the stored sugar and nutrition stored in the leafs back into the plant . Check the trichomes to see how much amber they have you may be at harvest. Plants normally dont get that far along since we pay so much attention to them we normally cut them asap before but that is actually how they knew to harvest back in the day before the microscope in your pocket era


Thanks man! i think the plant is fine, its auto and its life time is approaching to end. by the way I think Sin Tra Bajo is really fast! I put the seed in a wet tissue paper in 15 of October. I used FIMing technique when it had three sets of leaves (I know Im not supposed to do it to autoflowering… but I always do and it always gives like 20% - 40% more harvest) FIMing slowed down the growth for like a week and it grew normally with two nice colas


thanks man! I will flush for a week then harvest


I think the amount of leaves that became yellow is a bit more than normal. anyways, the flowers look very healthy and grow fast. harvest is coming soon :slight_smile:
Apparently im one of the first few to grow sin tra bajo. I will write a review when I smoke it


@Hilal hey bro youre plants look good only last week before harvest No more nutes all week only plain water and last days no water either but about that you better ask some off our friends here they know better what to do last week greetings Happy Grow curious about the fndresult of harvest let us know


Thanks alot mate! sure I’ll let you know about the result