Samsung LM301b vs LM561c

What is the difference between theese diodes? The c-series 120w is $20 cheaper

@dbrn32 ?

Are they knockoffs and not worth buying?

It’s hard to say. I haven’t dealt with that company, you need to look around and see what kind of reputation they have. I can tell you that the boards that include red diodes in the pictures, those are the cheapest red leds available. Nothing like the reds you’ll get from hlg, plc, or rapid led.

The photon efficacy of authentic top bin lm301b is about 5.8% higher than an authentic top bin lm561c.


Ok, thank you for taking the time. I’m on a strickt budget so I’ll probably try this one.

But the lm561c is a good light for growing right?

Probably more small grows running lm 561c lights in one form or another, than any other option out there.