Same tent, more plants

Yeah good idea imma swing by my local grow store before I order on Amazon but I was gonna buy vivosun brand.

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I was thinking of germinating and planting right into 3gal and then later if I want them bigger and there growth is good 5gal

I go solo->1 gal->3 gal. Coco is resistant to overwatering but it is very easy to do in a larger container. Theres more than one right way but I prefer stepping them up gradually. Gives me an idea for when they’re ready too (once I have to start feeding twice a day I step them up).

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Now when you say feeding twice a day you mean watering or giving Nutes twice a day?

If youre watering to runoff you should be feeding everytime. The benefit to coco is that it allows for fast drainage and multiple feeding which is why coco allows for quicker growth, just be prepared to put a little more work in for it.

I aim to keep the coco around 75% moist, so at the beginning Its only once a day or a day and a half after fresh transplants, but those roots catch up fast in this stuff.

I use 5 gallons as my pots too to correct my earlier post, never bought 3gals yet but do have a few 7s and 10s i havent got to use yet.

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Day 42. Hit them with a heavy week 6 defoilation and letting them run now. Smells are evolving and color is starting to set in on a few. Heavy frost on the banana and dosi and other two are frosting up nice as well.

Electric should be ran in the next few weeks hopefully and can get working on setting up irrigation finally, just deciding on pump and layout.

Clones and seedlings are holding strong. Possibly upgrading to a larger tent for them to make it until chop.


Looking good in here!


day 49 flower

All throwing more frost and starting to finally fatten up a little. They had the killer deals on ac infinity tents so have a 4x4 on its way and being as I needed another light I picked up a brand new viparspectre xs4000 for $400 so I jumped. Was really looking at the newer migro 480w system but I’m impressed with this thing so far and way better spread up high.

![202103the seedlings are doing good and the runt is hanging on. Threw a little dusting of recharge freebies from the grow store on all of them and gave a spray today. The clones want more light asap so throwing the 4x4 up and tossing all these over in there to veg while I figure out a plan on them. Acquired a couple more packs I hope to pop soon.


Looking good! :muscle::metal: Getting very bushy in there your canopy looks great and healthy!

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Day 50 flower

Loving the extra light and getting a nice reaction to the IR from what it looks. Keeping her at 85% power since id rather play it safe. Got the new tent setup as well, and hung the Cali in there. Its allowing me to run both on the circuit but keeping an eye on everything as I still want to run a second in. Gorilla zkittlez will come down first but she wants to go a little longer. Probably starting a few day flush on her soon and letting the others rock.

Moved over clones and seedlings, really hoping the extra light gets the clones back to happy. Right about 2 weeks of reveg they seemed to stall bad but conditions in the 2x2 weren’t great. Need to grab some more fans and get set for next round.


Day 53 Flower

All maturing nicely in the flower tent. Gorilla zkittlez will be the first to chop probably around the end of the week with the dosi and Mimosa to follow and another couple probably for the banana. Getting nice stank to them and continuing with mild feed from h&g regiment.

Clones are slowly coming back but still stressed. Giving them some high humidity treatment. While worried about them I managed to spray the seedlings and forget to throw the fan back on them so water droplet sunburn across the board. They’re still growing but dumb move on my part. I’m my self anger I popped more beans, more the merrier!


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Day 62 flower

Girls are going along well, still showing a touch of clears so letting them go a little longer. Gorilla zkittlez got chopped on day 57 and she’s drying in the 2x2 currently. Mimosa and dolato will be done in the next week and probably chopping the banana at the same time since I need to dry in that tent (unless I come up with a different option quick. Throttled back on light a touch to 75% and rocking around 700ppm at 6.1 for feed.

Monstercropped clones are finally content again and growing well. I culled one mimosa for extra room in the tent. Still unsure of whether I want to flower one of these in the tent with the ladies of the hulks or clone out the whole plant and run a bunch of smaller ones.

Hulkamanias are looking great and growing quick now. All have a really good structure and I’m thinking 5 females and 3 males judging by height but still really early. Will be keeping them growing as is til I decide on flower plans but top in the next week or so.

Mac stompers all came in really bad helmet head, which was probably my fault for not soaking a touch longer. Had to remove all shells and even ripped a leaf so 3/5 are going and I dropped 2 more to replace. 4/5 trop bx are up and going good. This time last year I was starting my first grow and trying to grow 2 plants and now I have 20 going. Such an addicting hobby and can’t wait to keep growing physically and mentally :call_me_hand:


You are doing amazing as far as I can tell! Those buds look so beautiful :star_struck::drooling_face::drooling_face: wow! Amazing stuff!

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Day 65 flower

Still coming along nicely.
I had a few nanners on the dolato that I had to remove. I gave a quick mist of water on the bud first to ensure no pollen lose on plant but I started the flush to make sure I don’t get any seeds to start growing. Will be chopping them down in the next couple days as I’ll need the room to start setting up for the next grow. Banana is a little behind and they have a little size I’m losing but ill get better with my environment and timing on this next one.

The dolato and Mimosa clone are getting better and better. Still unsure on whether I’m gonna supercrop the shit out of them and run them with the hulks or clone and save. What do you guys think? Stuff the tent or keep them clean and clone out to run next to the mac and trops?

Only had one newer Mac seed pop but leaves don’t want to open. Chucking it up to me rushing and not soaking enough. Saving the rest to report when I have more time and can take my time. Ill run what I get out of these.

Hulkamanias are looking gorgeous and have such a great structure to them. Super impressed so far and ill top these bitches as soon as the big girls get chopped

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The girls got the chop on day 67. I was running out of room in the veg tent and needed this tent to dry and wanted to stretch it at least a week for drying so down they came. Ill try and get some videos up but the mimosa and dolato look super frosty and the banana had about a week to go but all nice and dense.
Mimosa smells like fresh clementine with some gas behind it. Dolato is straight sweet bread with a gas background and the banana punch reeks of fruit punch.

In the veg tent the mimosa and dolato clones got a much needed thinning and cloned those cuts. Will be trimming these back more probably in a week or so.

Hulkamania’s are absolutely killing it, first time running terp_fiend gear but seriously impressed so far.

Seedlings are keeping it moving. Keeping a sad mac stomper just to see what happens. Spend 4 days above coco without opening leaves so idk


What’s terp fiend gear? And wow looking amazing man real good stuff! Love your buds so frosty!

Terp_fiend is an Instagram breeder that’s been gaining a lot of traction lately. These are the first seeds I’ve ran of his but my buddy is running his royal goo as well so I’m excited to see how these and some of the others turn out. The fact were in driving distance means we can share babies if we find any keepers out of these beans.

And thank you. Still learning more and more every day. I keep trying to try different things and keep track of how the plants change. By the time I get to the end of my grows I can pretty much pinpoint what I didn’t do correctly and try and plan on how to do better but I am very pleased with the quality vs my last grow and hope to keep getting better!

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Didn’t have time to grab well lit shots as work is beyond busy but quick screenshot of mimosa and pic of gorilla zkittlez nug trimmed. Only got a little over an 0 of the gorilla but nice and dense. Smoked a little guy and even uncured she smokes well and the taste is nice.

Saving my trim as always for dry sift and some edibles with the leftovers. Waste nothing!

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Oh cool awesome! Can’t wait to see how they look! And wow love the frost on the nugs! The on pic came out kinda blurry and you can still see the bubbly trichomes and sparkle of them :fire::heart_eyes::star_struck:

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Busy week at work but keeping things moving.

Veg tent is doing well. Girls were getting cramed but after a full 2 week dry I finally got the plants all trimmed and the hulks moved into their own tent and topped as of a couple days ago. Potting in 3 gals in next couple days and once they show sex I’m culling the males and flipping them.

Seedlings still going well. I knocked a trop over and it completely fell out but quick repotted and going strong. Macs all good but the one with torn leaf is growing a little goofy.

Clones are still praying but lost 4 of the mimosa so far to limp. Hoping they root in few days or I’m airing out the tent and restarting and adding clones of the hulks

Past day has been nothing but trimming and have 3 zips full of hash material from all of them and the trim (mostly the banana) and have around half an elbow if I had to guess. Will update with weights. All trim and secondary will be ran as separate strains for dry sift and then the remainder will be put towards edibles. No wasting here!

All in all I’m extremely happy. Did much better this go around as far as quality and much better plan for going forward. And this is my second grow to completion so can’t wait to keep getting better!