Same strain yet one seems more developed

I have 2 autos same strain they are 29 days and 28 days respectively from sprout. One of them seems to be stalled out almost no white pistols and Flowering like the other. Is there room for concern? Ive did some fan leaves trimming on each.


No need to worry. Its the nature of cannabis to see differences in plants even if the seeds came from the same original plant. Autos even more so will show differences in growth, colors, timing of flowering.
Overall yours are looking very good. The one will flower soon. What light schedule are you running?
We see an auto every so often that is less prone to flower unless the light schedule is switched to 12/12. It seems the genetics for autoflowering is weak in an occasional plant and treating it like a photoperiod will get it to flower.
Maybe give it another week and then try light switch if your on time is longer than 12hrs.


Thanks running a 18 on 6 off since they sprouted.

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Thats a great schedule for Autos. Like I said , if it doesn’t start flowering soon you might go to 12/12 to get it to flower. The other plant will do just fine under the same lighting.
Have seen a lot of stubborn autos lately.

So would i stick to the 12/12 schedule? Or just use it to try and trigger the one auto to bloom for a day or so?

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Yes. If it needs 12/12 to flower you need to leave it there.
Treat it like a photoperiod plant. It wont hurt anything at all. Wont lose quality or any noticeable quantity.