Same strain, why so different?

I am growing several plants, all the same strain, from same bud, why do they look so different? Is it sex, genetics, both??

It’s what is called phenotypes. Much like two siblings having the same genetics but different characteristics

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Do you have them all in the same pot?

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Thats why pheno hunting is a big deal. Some of those seeds might make a great plant but crappy smell, or bad high, or great high no smell, small plant with great high and no smell. The seed carries all of both parents genetics. To understand this better you need to read up on it. Aa Ab Ba Bb etc. This sorta how the different characteristics of the possible outcomes is mapped. You may have seen this before? Over time a crop of weed open pollenated will start to see less variation in traits but also lose vigor. Genetic diversity is important!


Exactly what they said :point_up:

Wow, so true. This looks Sativa dominant, no?