Same strain, Different genetics?

Hello…these r both Maui.
Fox farm ocean
spider farmer 4000
week 7 flower.
color is so different from each.
ph tap 6.9
soil 7 ph
ppm was 1450
added cal mag half dose 12/21
Use Jack’s 321 every 7 to 8 days
what is going on or is this the way these 2 girls are going to act?
Thank you all lovely people. cyn


Genetics are different for every seed/plant. This is why growers wanting to retain a particular trait take clones.

What meter are you using to measure PH as typically FFOF runs low PH (5.3 to 6.3 or so) as reported by other growers.

Plant is at the point where it’s consuming itself and based on the pictures you are only a couple of weeks out from harvest.

FYI Cal mag is not needed with Jack’s as it has Calcium Nitrate (Part B) and Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)


@Myfriendis410 Thank you for info on cal mag. my plants are only in week 7 of flower. I didn’t have this malfunction with last Maui. Forgot to mention they are photo. Bluelab pens

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Different phenotypes I don’t see a malfunction plants are like people. Children from the same parents can and usually do look different from each other. I just grew 2 Black Widows and 3 Banana Kush. The Black Widows were entirely different and the Banana kush 2 were identical and 1 was a Monster I got over 5lbs off it but the thc, around 15% is way lower than the other 2

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@plumbdand so true. I was hoping it was genetics. The leaves are so yellowish.

The yellowing of leaves that far into flowering is normal also. The plant starts using all the nutrients stored in the bigger leaves cuz she no longer needs them and wants to focus all her energy into reproducing. Just as plants can look different they can finish at different times. You’ll have one plant still green all over and the other turning all kinds of colors, same strain same age and same environment.

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@plumbdand OK cool. I am ok then. They still have many weeks to go. Thank you so much. cyn

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