Same strain - completely different strain ratio

What would contribute to these two strains being rated so vastly different in sativa versus indica ratio? They’re completely reversed. I always assumed most hazes were sativas. That’s usually the trend.

I have seen that on several seed bank sites. I just chalk it up to who ever their web person is not paying attention. And I will look at that strain on Leafly and several sites and go with what the majority say it is plus my limited knowledge of genetics, of which I am just now really getting into studying (fascinating for nerdy scientific me)

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Exactly. I want to know what sort of high I’m “supposed” to get versus what I’m actually feeling. What’s ever more interesting is that both of these places have the exact same return address when I ordered the seeds.

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Do you ever look at strains on Leafly? I have noticed that they seem to not be saying as much about whether they are sativa or indica anymore since they changed the site. They have that new colorful ‘wheel’ thing to help you with terps and all, and believe me, we pay attention to terp profile when we buy weed or plan to grow, and I am finding I am not too keen on the colorful graphic and just skip it. It is too much trouble to decipher. Anyways, it just seems to me they are not designating all them anymore.k

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I have not looked there recently. Had the app in the phone for a bit but found myself just going to google first. I’ll get back to it. I do recall reading something about how genetics have gotten so saturated that it’s a complete crapshoot what’s what anymore. Like politicians, I trust none of it.

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I agree completely with you on genetics and crap shoot. Overbreeding and mixing genetics just ruined the Arabian horse. I always loved the rougher desert bred Arab for endurance riding I did and a couple of years back wanted one and they are literally extinct. All the breeders that had them no longer do. Now they are all glitz and glammour and show horses but not athletes like I needed. I think of that every time I look at strains and their genetics. It certainly has me looking at the old original landrace strains.

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It’s like a cocktail. Each bar makes it “their way”. Unfortunately there is no sanctioning body for cannabis. So every seed bank can make their version, their own way. Ymmv


Is there any sort of watchful eye who makes sure that if you called something “Blue Haze” that it would have to be those two specific parent genetics? Haze and Blueberry.

Not that I’m aware of.
If you HAVE to have a specific strain, then get it branded from the original creator. Like Ken Estes for Granddaddy Purple.

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Interesting. I’ll look more into that.

I’m not saying there aren’t great genetics in other people’s strains. Perhaps some are better. But if you have to have a real Prada purse, buy it from Prada.

Oh yeah. I guess that raises another question in that, which one’s the Prada purse, going back to my original question?