Same strain but different growing

The 2 on the left are supposed to be the same strain of Auto Bruce Banner but they are growing very differently!! Also, the Spinley plant is definitely different. Tall and skinny plus the fan leaves are dark and curled under. Finally, the Spinley plant has some type of growth on the inside of the plant. I would appreciate a little help with this one. Thanks :blush: I hope the pictures come through


I would be more surprised if they were all the same. Genetics just works that way. Just like people,a pair of parents have 2 children, one is a rocket scientist the other given a book just sits in a cornor and eats the covers.


I get that, thanks. Did you see anything wrong on the tall one? This is an odd grow but I’m aware weird things can happen. I just counted 8 Seeds that came from my female auto Super Lemon Haze and That really surprised me!

Check your fan placement.
Make sure it’s not blowing directly on the tall one.
Looks like some wind burn on the tops.


Your plant would benefit from more light.


The fans are not blowing directly on the plants so I don’t think that’s an issue.

I’ve got 3 lights now but I’m still learning

What are you using for lighting?

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They have a Photone app that checks light intensity. More light would tighten up plant a little bit. Plants are not twins, just related. Lol

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I’m going to check it out, thanks