Same seeds but different plant characteristics

I am growing GSC autoflowers. I have four plants deep into the flowering stage. Two of the plants are short and busy with many leaves on the buds. The other two are tall with hardly any leaves on the buds. Also the buds are more of a spire shape. It looks really great with a great amount of resin. Just wondering why the difference to looks.


Just like brothers and sisters, they come from the same parents, but don’t always look alike.
This is a phenotype, although they share the same genetics, they all turn out just a little different.

In cannabis besides shape, terpene profiles, and flowering times can all be different as well.


When two cannabis parent plants make 400 seeds, all seeds will have a chromosome from each parent. 2 parents x 2 chromosomes equals 4 combinations.


It’s possible some combinations will be identical, but it’s also possible the filial (sibling) seeds will create 2, 3, or 4 distinct genotypes.

For each genotype (nature), the environmental pressures (nurture) shape the plant resulting in varied traits, like height, branching, and even hermaphroditism. This is Nature vs Nurture on display.

Could be the seeds aren’t genetically identical, or they had different environments, or both. The only reliable way to get uniformity is cloning from a mother plant and growing all plants under nominally identical conditions.


You’re getting good advice from the gents here.

You are going to enjoy GSC. I’ve got some right now and I have 4 GSC plants I’ve just flipped to flower a week ago.


Thanks to all who responded to my question. I will wait to see how they finish up.