Same seeds 2 different soils one not growing well

Very common for the lower leaves to get beat up yellow and die. Not as common for the sugar leaves and top fans.

Maybe try backing your lights off a pinch for a couple days while they regroup. I’ve got some on mine too. I had to keep juggling my calcium nitrate and epsom salts to give a balance all three strains are happy with :rofl:

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#31 flower
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a little update used the last of the boost in a nutrient tea a few days ago, 2 of the plants have issues with the leaves but I thinks 2 different issues,

purple kush looks like potassium def as far as I can tell the top fans have claw and yellow and browning at edges and losing their green , raised the lights a bit but even areas toward the edge have it so I dint think from lights

purple haze has yellow areas on leaves that are otherwise dark green , maybe mag or something else I have no idea but I hoped the nutrient tea would be the answer, I guess it might take a few days to kick in but it seems like the boost might not be helping. I hate to just start throwing stuff at them so an idea you guys have would be welcome. thanks

getting some purple on Melissa gdp, I hope this is normal for the strain and not something like a Nute deficiency!

took a little piece of a top bud to look at the trichomes, wondering where you guys sample from the very top seems like it has more brown pistils so it that the ones to look at . ? I will reread about trichomes but I see a few amber and some cloudy, how many more weeks?



Im just guessing but because of the darker green everything is you have burn from over feeding. Deficiency and excess of nutrients all looks similar but again because the leaves are pretty dark I’d say excess is more likely. Plus I’m very familiar with Earth Dust and I can’t remember making a tea yet this year Dust does a good job feeding I get burnt tips on probably 3 of 5 plants just from normal feeding

Check out these excess pictures they even say it looks like other micro nutrient deficiencies

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The top cola will always get ready before the lower ones. It is best to not even think about when until all those pistils are orange/brown. IMHO you want the average bud to be ready then you are ready to check and chop. We are all all alike though and want to hurry it along I understand.


I did that on one that has at less a month to go just because I want to become familiar with my USB camera and the program.

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I would bet that it is normal for the strain and I love that purple @SilvaBack203 needs to see that one… He will love it. :v: :sunglasses:

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thanks for the input. I would have not thought of excess, I pretty much followed the recommended earth dust schedule for top dressing with boost and only did the nutrient tea when the sign on the leaves had already started to show. in the beginning I started the base maybe 2 weeks late but at this point that is like 10 weeks ago .I contacted earth dust they suggested adding some recharge to add more microbes you guys ever use that?

I did a Nutrient Base on my outside GL photos as they will be vegetating for a number of months… They are growing like weeds :upside_down_face: most of my issues have been high wind and our hot azz sunlight, but all in all they are doing well.

Autos don’t really need more than the first base and boost right before flowering… and a bit less than photos.

Soil buffers everything you do, so you should expect about a week before recognizable changes usually. Also what your looking for is the damage to stop spreading because those leaves won’t “heal” at this point.

I’d be taking @MeEasy advice where earth dust is concerned 1000/1 over mine :rofl:

In general things are still looking good


I have used :point_down: this and that’s only because it’s the brand already used in Dust and they don’t rape you on price like some other products. I’m not 100% it is excess I was just thinking that because I’ve never had to use a bunch of extra it might be plus the leaves look nice n dark. I was just giving you another thing it could be. What do you water with tap, bottle, OR, distilled that will make a difference to


That is a beautiful color. Shes gonna be so gorgeous once done. U r doing a great job.

Thank you 4 the tag @nmgeo

I use it too… after I saw @MeEasy showing it in his journal… Can’t hurt and yeah it does not cost that much… May replenish a little on the microbe side. :v: :sunglasses:

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I knew you would like that purple bud hermano. We share that love of the purple… :v: :sunglasses:

I looked at the plant probiotic as well as the refresh, there is an amazing variety of microbe products , ended up ordering"MIKROBS" ingredient wise it is very similar to refresh and has stuff like molasses and other micronutrients which probably cant hurt it is available in 8oz size for about$25 , given the you use 1/2 tsp for gallon and that inoculates 6-8 plants it should go a long way.

I watched the earth dust video about making teas and dan said if you just put boost in water for 15 minutes and then feed you get some nutrient load but mostly just microbes, if you let it sit for 24 hours you get mostly nutrients and little microbes so maybe a quick boost in water would have a similar effect as these other products.

I see all these crazy bud boosters that look like fun but seem expensive too, you guys ever use them?

thanks for the input and keep growing !

thanks for the compliment silvaback now pretty much all the cola tops on the gdp are turning purple. I took the dehumidifier out of the grow room and have it in the lung room , I thought it was keeping the room too hot at night now getting 70-71 at night and I think it is helping bring out the purple

just solo cupped a gdp , pk, ph and gl for an out door grow!

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You are absolutely on the right track… I would not waste money on flowering products not when using Earth Dust… i think you are right about that purple color coming out in cooler times too.
Keep growing you got this… :v: :sunglasses: out of love here…

thanks geo I check on your grow a lot of times I can’t think of anything to say!

I guess I like the purple too as I got the ilgm purple mix pack, we will see what kind of colors the other plants produce

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You can say anything you want blue… I think there are a lot of people who like purple on their buds, but SilvaBack even has his guerilla gnomes that are purple Lol…

You have seen SilvaBack journal right?