Same seed but totally different

Good evening ILGM fam! For my 2nd post im wondering why I have 3 babies beginning week 4 of flower, all from regular Gorilla Hammer seed. All 3 are doing amazing but they all have different characteristics. One is about 8 in taller then the rest but developing buds slower. The next was a runt but has match the height of the other babies in the tent now and is FROSTY TO THE EXTREME. My buddy asked what up with the white flowers??? The third plump, frosty, and starting to have hairs turn red. This is my first grow in about 6yrs but dont remember them being so different. Just looking for info


Different phenotypes will display different characteristics. Much like two siblings. One could be short and skinny and one tall and fat.


@BobbyDigital 100% correct. Some seeds will lean stronger towards the parents trainst.
Im growing Perple Dream right now. (Blue Dream x GD purp) Some will look grow and look more like the Blue Dream while others will hold more traits if the GD Purp side.
We ended up calling them the Blue Dreamers and the Grand Daddy Leaners. All Purple Dream simplye showing the phenos of the parents. :slight_smile:
Happy growing…

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Sweet thats how i explained it to my wife but I was pulling it out of my ass…glad i was on the right path.