Same asker...Lights for a 2.5 X 2.5 tent

O it gets better… just wait til ur looking at a table of golfball sized nuggets of lazy eyed loving

from your mouth to the guy upstairs ears… I hate waiting and it’s so hard to wait till 4pm everyday to look at em…(light sched is 4 to 4)
Any tips on the next phase are always welcome…especially how to be patient

Right now 12-12 light under that awsome 260w V2 QB Rspec from HLG (about 12" )
Flower Fuel Nutes (1-34-32) as prescribed
Botanicare Sweet Berry Supplement as prescribed (38ppm magnesium 51ppm sulfur)
prayers (think that’s whats actually helping)

That’s just one plant in a 2.5 x 2.5… so friggin cool

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Only one i got is drop more seeds. Watching plants veg is so slow it makes flowering cruise

unfortunately I made a deal with the Devil… Told my wife I will shut down for a year after this round…we need people to come in and paint, new floors, and such and she wants to not let the world know…
so I agreed to wait till fall of 2022…
Happy wife somewhat happy life

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Hahahaha. No truer words my friend. No truer words. Keep her happy. Maybe drop one seed if she smokes. After she tastes the fruits of ur labor, she wont allow an empty tent ever again. Trust me. Mine’s talks all day while im in the garden. Then smokes like a train after harvest and talks big :poop: between drops. Matter of fact… think its time to drop more seeds lol

she won’t smoke or have an edible… I think i married a nun…
It’s all good… we have a small place and it will do me some good to have a little more room to move things around…you know…to make room for a bigger tent and install a vent system to the outside of the house…i’m planning ahead…lol
biggest thing i have to wonder about is… how much i will get from this one kid… never grew anything this big b4…usually autos that have yielded only 2 - 2.5 oz each…

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May not quite double, yet may smash the double marker. Id set the bar around 4 oz to be safe and pray for a smooth grow lol.

Lucky u. Mines smokes more then me and im good for 4 bought blunts a day… if i have jars more like 6-7. Then my father lives with n smokes too. My bro and neice aint in house but they blow. And a couple cousins. Everyone who out in a bit of effort has gotten over an oz over the last 2 harvests. In house? Smoked at least 2 per harvest lol.

But the kicker is IF ive spent $2000? Ive saved north of 6k in buds since the start. Maybe more…. This hobby rocks

I will be sure to update this as we go along and hopefully beat the 2x quota…
Thanks you you and everyone who helped from this forum…
Keep an eye out for my updates…
Thanks again…
Happy Growin’

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