Same asker...Lights for a 2.5 X 2.5 tent

I have grown 2 harvests and bot seemed to be a little fluffy and low yielding… so the next expense will be LIGHTING
Yes it’s a small tent but that’s all I have room for here…

Already used 1200w and 600w bloomspecs together and did OK…wanna do better
Also my main concerns are initial cost and temperature… the ones I have make the tent 78-84 degrees and unfortunately i can’t vent the room so it recycles the warm air…

What are my options and could you please list model numbers cause i’m a dumb ass at figuring things out… cut and dry you al come to a consensus and tell me what I will shop…

Thanks as usual for all your help…I wish I could thank you with the fruits on my labors but yer too far away

Hlg led
Are you handy? You can get it cheaper by assembling it(which is supposed to be easy)

I’d ask @dbrn32 about which model


Hlg 135 r spec is what I use in my 2 x 2 nice hard dense buds with low heat. Adjustable power as well

I just picked up a HLG 260 rspec kit to cover 1 plant about 2x2

But then again I have 400w over another plant 2x2+

32"x32" I would probably go bigger than 135 kit. Something along the lines of chilled tech x3 mini or 260 kit.

You can get 10% off with code “dude” at the hlg shop I also recommend a 260 or 300L rspecs, you do need a fan at least blowing air out for passive intake or you’ll get to much oxygen

nobody mentioned the MarsHydro TS1000W it claims good for
3x3 Veg @16"
2.5 x 2.5 Bloom at 12"
and only draws m150w

or the TS2000w
4x4 veg
5x5 bloom
and 300w


260 kit was what I was going to suggest but thought it might be overkill

It claims. Not bad. Definitely better then blurples. Id recommend that 135 over it though.

The Light Guru is @dbrn32 Id take his lighting input over almost any company’s email’s or adverts. He said

An HLG 260 kit (been the best for our buck level in the biz for a while)

Or the Chilled Tech x3 mini (another solid company, was higher but gotta give u options right?)

Once upon a time, DIY was much cheaper. Prices are skewed right now tho. So id pick one of those.

Do you plan on upgrading tents anytime soon?

Bite your tongue Ser Worm of The Wood! We’re all addicted to growing pot. No such thing as overkill


I’m not really surprised by this. I think I would use a dozen splitters and a21 bulbs before I bought a light from Mars Hydro. Could be just me though.


ok then i guess thats out…

Just looked at the 260W LED V2 Board kit

I am handy and i hope capable of putting it together since it is a kit but i’m not too worried about that

There is a Bspec assuming it means Blue Spectrum (veg)
There is a Rspec also assuming that is RED spectrum (bloom)
and there is an XL RSPEC…that one is the only one that mentions length and it is 3 ft which is longer than the tent is wide

I will now assume that the one I should get is the RSPEC because y’all mentioned it earlier…

I will drop that nut even though it’s more than I was hoping to spend and buy it if that is the consciousness when it comes to adequate light for dense buds… as long as it fits in the tent which is what I will reach out and ask them…i believe it is 35" long which would make me sad

Thanks for your help as usual…i will probably ride out the rest of this run with what I have if it is a no go

If you continue with growing cannabis, this is a quote that you will be constantly saying. The main point here is that lights is the most important factor in growing dense buds and should be your main expense in growing equipment. You can get by with cheaper pots, tent, and various other accessories. The next important investment should be meters. The cheaper TDS and PH meters will work, but it is a important aspect of growing and will be worth investing into. :+1:


i don’t mind spending… this is 3rd run and went from a home made box (20"x20"x30") with a clip on light to what I have now… that’s why i want to get a good light ONCE… i’m waiting to hear back from HLG on if this will fit…being in a small condo the 2.5 x2.5x5 is the biggest I can get so hopefully this will be the last light i buy for a while…if it don’t fit it’s back to square one looking for another

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OK I just ordered the 260w V2 QB Rspec from HLG coupon code worked and free shipping so it was painless…
$314 for a GOOD LIGHT…worth it…

Thanks again to everyone especially dbrn32 and those who put up with my novice-ness…

soon as it arrives Imma gonna put it together and swap the lights to fininsh this run…


That’s the one you wanted. The 260 xl is designed for 2x4 tent, too long for your application.

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Another soon to be… (or better yet ALREADY) happy convert… how the ladies liking the new sun? :sunglasses:

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it just got here…it’s all assembled…now I wait… my light time starts at 4pm…i have no patience for this…


Hehehehe. Time is aticking. Their gonna love the new sunlight

i turned it on with the brightness turned down and wasn’t impressed…then I turned it up and now i have a sunburn and i’m blind…


I’m back…with the new light installed and WOW… I have never used a scrog b4 probably because I always gre autos and they never got this big…
Got 1 White Russian under the new light and might I say I am AMAZED by the results…
I counted all those bud points… over 50 on top and a few lower down under the top canopy…
can this be true?