Same problems 4th time. Plants look awesome in seedling, gradually get worse mid veg

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Good afternoon. What soil are you using and what nutrients are you using? Do you check your PH going in and in run off? And your Ppm going in and in runoff?

Nectar num 4, using agro thrive. Ppm around 500, no run off. Ph between 6 and 7.

Recently added cal mag and epsom salt, 400 ppm. Didn’t use cal mag every watering.

I see 3 possible deficiencies, magnesium, potassium and nitrogen. It’s hard to pin point with out a run of TDS and PH. Accurate Ph is critical for nutrient absorption and out of range can be preventing any of the 3 above. Soil should be 6.2-6.8 with 6.5 Being the sweet spot :love_you_gesture:

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:point_up_2: this needs to be precise or in the range every feeding and watering :love_you_gesture:

I’ll test the soil

Update. I added cal mag, and epsom salt at 400ppm, and I’m seeing improvement on all but 1 plant. My seedlings that are looking great won’t suffer like the last 3 grows.

Update 2. Plants continue to improve, sprayed foliar spray of cal mag and epsom salt, also fed with cal mag.

Update. Two steps forward 1 step back. Found out the media and the lights affect how much cal mag you might need. Nectar 4, spider farmer sf4000 light. Fed cal mag every feed and water, they never got to the level I wanted but got so big I had to flower. They have responded well, now the worst 2 look like the best 2. White widows. Here’s day 10 of flower.


looks great good job!!!

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