Same plant maturing at different times?

AK47 Autos. They’ve been growing about 70 days. Both plants have multiple flowers with brown or reddish hairs. These pictures are from the same plant but one flower looks close to harvest, while the other one has predominantly white hairs. About how long do you think I have left in the flowering stage based off those pictures. Just ordered a jewelers loop to check the trichomes. I’ve spent hours looking through previous posts, etc on how to decide when to harvest. My biggest fear is some of the flowers reaching the harvest point before the majority of the plant is ready to harvest. Thanks for any advice.


Usually the top flowers will mature first. If you wait long enough, the others will catch up. Some people do a selective harvest, they take the ones that are ready, and wait for the smaller ones to mature more.


You got a ways to go still how long have they been in full flower


Probably close to 2.5-3 weeks.

You have at least that long and probably more still to go.

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