Same plant... different growing buds?

@Hellraiser @Arrow @BobbyDigital @Covertgrower @beardless @Audiofreak Hey gromies!! I’ve been taking peeks in here and there… hope all is well. Tagging you all because of your experience and expertise. I have what should be an amnesia haze from ilgm Flipped the switch to 12/12 5/11. Why do I have two different looks of buds on the same plant?

Like 1/3 came out with the real frosty looking bud and the other 2/3 look like the other image. Any explanation? Mutation? Thanks in advance.
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Difference is some of the buds are foxtailing and some aren’t. Haze loves to grow foxtails, usually more on the upper buds.


I would have to agree with hellraiser


agreed with @Hellraiser just to close to light, you are getting foxtailing. also each plant is different, you will never get the same grow twice to a point. mother nature is a fickle bi!@# like that. read the plant and it will tell you what she wants.


Agreed with the above …look close at the leaves surrounding the buds…the foxtail colas are surrounded with leaves that have a yellowish tint to them, they are canoeing slightly and the edges are curling up… That is indicative of light intensity and heat … :sunglasses::v:

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@Hellraiser @Calizona @Shazm @Covertgrower Sheesh. Thanks for the responses!!! I’m using a par meter… no more than 900 ppfd and no more than 79 degrees in the room… leaf temps are lower. So should I shoot for lower ppfd for hazes? If I back off now will it make a difference? Really appreciate all of the feedback!!
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From what I’ve read here, foxtailing won’t negatively effect your plant. Just not as pretty. I’d say just keep doing what you’re doing. It looks great besides the foxtails


Same here.