Salve recipes for cbd roots


I’m a few weeks a way from harvesting a Dynafem cbd plant. I’ve read that the roots are also a good source of topical use CBD (apparently they also continue poisons so the aren’t very good for edibles) but I cant seem to find any decent recipes for making creams or salves for pain relief, preferably without using alcohol, from the roots. Any ideas will be much appreciated!


I have read processing the whole plant stem roots fan leaves etc is great for cdb extraction @DieHigh55
Thanks for heads up on roots not being safe to make edibles from :+1:
@Hogmaster any thoughts here bro


@garrigan65 may have an old witches brew as well …


I’ll see what I can come up with @BIGE


I haven’t figured out anything to do with the roots Every other part of the plant I can use though


@DieHigh55 I found this on the interwebs:

Cannabis Root Salve

Start by making an infused oil.


Ground dried cannabis roots
coconut or olive oil


Place ground dried roots in a crock-pot and cover with coconut or olive oil by an inch or two. Gently heat the mixture over very low heat for 4-5 hours. Allow to cool. Strain and pour into dry sterilized amber bottles. (I like using Worcestershire sauce bottles).


8 oz infused oil
1 oz beeswax
vitamin E (as a preservative)
10-20 drops essential oil (optional, I like peppermint)


Place infused oils and beeswax over a double boiler and warm over low heat until the wax melts. Turn off the heat and add the essential oil and vitamin E. Pour into a glass jar.

The consistency of the salve can be adjusted depending on your preferences.

Use less wax for a soft salve and more wax if you want a thicker salve.

Once it cools you can make adjustments by reheating and adding more oil or more wax until you get the consistency you want.

Seems like it should do fine! I hope that helps. Happy gardening!


good find @elheffe702 thank you


Seems like using whatever oil, you could vary the scent, or even add stuff like oil from peppers, can’t think of the name right now, but it acts kinda like icy hot or tiger balm.


This looks like a winner! Thanks for posting.