Salvaging bud-rotten plants? Need harvest advice

I thought I’d stemmed the tide of bud rot last weekend when I cut off the one small branch on one of my plants containing a small section of rotten bud. Unfortunately, after a couple more days of rain this week, I’ve found several more rotten bud sections across all three of my cheese auto plants.

I’ve trimmed all the affected branches at least an inch below the affected buds and plan to harvest immediately before it gets any worse. Assuming I’ve removed all the visible rot, should I be ok to cut and hang the plants in a dark, dry indoor area, and proceed to cure and consume if no more rot appears while they’re hung? I’d hate to throw out my whole harvest, and I’m reluctant to try any kind of wash that’s going to introduce more moisture and potentially harm the already somewhat immature trichomes (a mix of clear to white, currently) on these plants.

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An active mold environment has already trashed some of the buds.
NOW is the time to save what you can. Harvest and dip in hydrogen peroxide to kill the mold.

Follow directions and you can save much. Wait longer…lose more. Mold moves fast.

After dipping…hang to dry with air movement…FANS…till it’s good and dry. Safe from mold.

Good luck


I too highly recommend an h2o2 & h2o bath at harvest. It’s not going to harm your buds in any way. Just soak, gently swirl, rinse, give a shake and then immediately hang to dry.


I’m jumping on the Hydrogen Peroxide wash bandwagon, too. I started last year and wouldn’t not do it now, regardless of mold or not.

Carefully examine your buds, get rid of any rot/mold (I trim at this point), then wash in a solution of 1 cup H2O2 in 5 gallons of water, rinse in clean water. Shake as much water out as you can, immediately hang and set a fan on them.


Thanks for the advice. Going to take her tonight and do the hydrogen peroxide wash. She’ll still be tasty. She won’t be any where near her sisters.