Sal bugs entering outdoor containers through holes in container

Are these Armadillo like insects a potential long term problem & what other critters invade container bottoms that I should be on the look out for.
Thanks as usual.
If the thunder don’t get ya the lightning will

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Any bug can be harmful long term. Not counting the good bugs. Maybe a pic so others can help you more

I know what they are! They seem to like my tomatoes :frowning: They ‘armadillo’ into a little ball, not much bigger than a bb.

We used to call them cutworms but I don’t really know what they do? Interesting thread, will be following!
-good luck

Paranorman you know who I’m talking about. Those guys armadillo bugs. Also snails nail tomatoes. Any way any info greatly appreciated.

We used to call them rolley polleys. Many legs as if related to a millipede. I can’t remember if they’re friend or foe.

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If you’re talking about rollie pollies I think they’re fine they don’t cause any real harm to the plant and may even be beneficial. But don’t take my word for it I just repeat what I read in books and the interweb.