Sagging/wilting plants

First time auto grow and my plants are sagging could I be overwatering?

They are lemon haze autos approximately 3 weeks in, potted in coco and perlite under 400w hps bulbs. Any tips much appreciated.

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Can’t tell 4sure if it is the lighting or if they’re lite green?? If so they need some food. It could be overwatering because wilting is a definite sign for it. I do have to point out that I don’t grow in coco but I can read a plant, I just can’t advise you on how to fix it


HPS (red) is the wrong spectrum for “grow” switching from “blue” to “red” is standard practice in growing weather or not it’s “autoflower”. The Autoflower determines when to switch spectrum by flowering, non auto’s are turned to flowering cycle when the light hours are dropped and the spectrum changed to red.
I’m surprised they’re doing that good!

Yeah under normal light they appear nice and green I’m feeding and watering on a 2 day cycle but the coco is still wet 2 days later so maybe too much water

They seemed to be doing really well initially just drooped all of a sudden.

A friend of mine just did over 10oz off 3 indoor plants running the same bulb start to finish, I’m happy to switch it up if it saves the plants though

I’m going to run a blueer light for a while see if it helps

Willing to bet over watered although your in coco and it’s pretty difficult to over water in coco it is still possible if your pots are still soaked when you give water that’s too much water, you don’t want coco to dry out completely that will tank your ph but you can’t keep it completely soaked unless your using oxygenated water. When I grew in straight coco I scaled up watering as the plant grew I was watering every 2 or 3 days while in veg once they flowered I was watering 2 times a day just to keep the pots from drying out, have to learn to read your plants and your pots pick them up after watering and before learn the difference with coco it’s gotta be a happy medium not to dry and not to wet for to long

My suggestion is give them an extra day between watering and they should perk up if the pots are still heavy give them another day! They don’t look that bad I’ve seen much much worse recover

And your red spectrum light won’t hurt your plants just causes longer internode spacing generally
Never heard of it making a plant sick but it is definitely better to use your HPS in flower switch bulbs at transition. Blue spec in veg for short internode spacing and red spec in flower for resin production and so on… but I highly doubt your light is the issue here I’ve heard of many people growing with hps all the way through just makes stretchy plants!


@Teffygreenthumb wow thank you for the informative reply.

I will water them a less frequently for now, they are in root nurse fabric pots and the pots always seem wet, they look like they should recover so here’s hoping

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Looks like over watering though I’m not a coco grower yet. HPS light will not make a plant wilt or droop (unless too close or too hot) but you would be better off with a MH (metal halide) bulb for vegging.


Look over watered to me.