Sage’s (First Timer) White Widow Grow Journal

Apparently I really messed up on my first post with the picture. The post now seems to be deleted.

Let me try one more time.

I’m about to start my very first grow (not counting a very unsuccessful attempt way out in the sticks back in the early 90’s)…

The seeds: I ordered the 10 + 10 ILGM White Widow (fem) seeds. I also ordered the Autoflower Mix Pack which includes 5 each of Amnesia Haze, Blueberry, and Northern Lights.

I have a climate controlled 12’x12’ room to grow in.

I’m using the King Plus 1200w LED Grow Light.

I’m planning to use @garrigan65‘s soil recipe (but I don’t know if I should go straight from germination into that mix…?)

My intent is to have a total of 6 plants (1 each of the autos, and 3 WW’s).

I plan to use the SCROG method on the WW’s.

I’m glad to get any advice! I actually ordered a 5’x5’ grow tent so I may just use that. Would it be advisable to add a second King Plus 1200w LED to the operation? @elheffe702

Oops @garrigan62 I already messed up! Live and learn … thanks for the soil advice!

@Watt-Sun thanks!


Lighting is going to be your biggest investment, for sure. Those types of fixtures would be throwing money away on a space that size. There are much better options, more bang for your buck so to speak. @dbrn32 gets most lighting referrals around here.

Second in line to lighting would be ventilation. The amount of lighting you’ll need for a space that size generates some heat. You’ll want a good fan to pull fresh air in and get heat and CO2-low air out, maybe two fans, one for intake one for exhaust, plus something to circulate the air around the room to help the plants’ respiration.

Spend good money once. Get good equipment the first time and save yourself headaches in the long run.


Yup, by most standards you would probably want 5-6 of those fixtures to flower out a 5x5 tent to decent results. If you want to stay within leds in 5x5, a good commercial fixture would be pushing $1500. There are some smaller lights you could do multiple of in kits cheaper, or assemble your fixture from scratch sourcing the components.


I was thinking about DIY’ing a grow area within the room so maybe I’ll go that route and keep it smaller. Maybe I’ll start with 3 plants while I get my feet wet. I suspect some would recommend starting with one but I just can’t bring myself to do it…
I ordered another of the LED lights…
Let the experimentation begin… I suppose the worst that can happen is I’ll fail and learn from it! :face_with_monocle:


That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, as long as you do learn from it! :+1:


Thanks for the advice!
I’m actually looking into building a diy lighting fixture. I saw a post from (I think) @dbrn32 the other day that had a video link of a guy building a set… but they were out of stock on the light bars. Like many, I’m just too eager to be slowed down now!


There’s probably a dozen different 560mm led strips available. You would just have to get proper driver and amount of strips to match, the voltage and current of them all vary. After that you could pretty much follow same steps in video.


And so it begins…
3 small seeds for man… 1 giant leap… well maybe I’m getting carried away…

I may have to use the paper towel method… I admit it’s been like 25 years… but I don’t remember them floating like these are…


Floating is normal. Add a drop or two of hydrogen peroxide. It’ll help soften the hull and they’ll sink once they take on water.

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So far so good! Jefe and DB will keep u straight. Best of luck and set to watching

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My little WW seeds are about ready to pop out of their shells! Of the three I only had one that looked like it was popping open. So today I switched to the paper towel method and put a heat pad on low under the plate. Now they’re all three popping open!

I found an old clothes hanging rack that was from a local department store that had closed and I’m going to turn it into my grow closet. I’ll use 1/2 inch insulation boards on the back and sides, plywood on the top to support the lights. I’m going to line the inside with reflective material. The rack is approximately 66 inches tall x 48 inches wide x 22 inches deep.

Mylar is the go to… fairly cheap. Highly reflective. N flexible.


:+1:t2::+1:t2: That’s what I have coming via Mr. Postman… seemed like the best way to go… thanks for coming on this ride with me!

No problem my guy. I love growing reefer myself. So may as well grab a :seat: and my :popcorn:

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Going into soil today.


Right on, I like the repurposed rack! And congrats on the sprouts! Get em in the …shoot, I forget, soil? :joy: Anyway, once you get it all built and everything but the plants in there, you should hop in, close it, and sit there in the dark for a while to let your eyes adjust to the darkness. Then have a good look for light leaks before you get everything in there, discover a problem, then have to move plants out. Sorry, I get wordy, but I like to be clear lol


That sounds like a great advice. I’m going to do that! Thanks man…


Uh oh… we have babies!
They’re going under light today.

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