Sage’s First Timer White Widow Grow Journal

I’m about to start my very first grow (not counting a very unsuccessful attempt way out in the sticks back in the early 90’s)…
The seeds: I ordered the 10 + 10 ILGM White Widow (fem) seeds. I also ordered the Autoflower Mix Pack which includes 5 each of Amnesia Haze, Blueberry, and Northern Lights.

I have a climate controlled 12’x12’ room to grow in.
I’m using the King Plus 1200w LED Grow Light.

I’m planning to use @garrigan62 ‘s soil recipe (but I don’t know if I should go straight from germination into that mix…?)

My intent is to have a total of 6 plants (1 each of the autos, and 3 WW’s).

I plan to use the SCROG method on the WW’s.

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I’ll wait until the autos arrive in a couple of days and then begin germination.

Sounds like a good plan. You’ll need a lot more light than that one fixture to grow 6 plants, though. You could probably veg a couple, or flower one good sized plant under it. Do you plant to use the whole space?

I’m just ending my first ILGM WW grow. You won’t be disappointed. My strongest recommendation would be to have some form of trellis netting in place for support or plan to scrog , also use some form of silica to help strengthen them branches.They make some real heavy buds.
Im set to watch. Any questions feel free to ask, I’ll answer them if I can, if not , there are lots of helpful people with some real solid knowledge here :v:

Don’t use the super soil untill the have 5 to 6 true sets of leaves.
And i had to edit your post with the pics of your seed order. They dont want member doing that … ok
And no worries, your good to go my friend