Safety in growth


what gets me caught,i want to start a little grow room for my own enjoyment, both spiritually & green thumb enjoyment, my leds r great.What r the greatest factors that attract unwanted attention any suggestion eg light, smell etc, cause our cultivation laws r very blurred


Loose lips and smell primarily rule number 1 tell no one rule number 2 refer to rule number 1


We go by the “Fight Club” rules :slightly_smiling:


Be prepared to buy a carbon filter and duct, and a vortex inline fan. You will also need some duct booster fans.

And; The most secure place you can grow is in your home. Tell no-one. People will give you up if they get in trouble and you become their “get out of jail free” card.

Don’t tote large quantities of soil and grow supplies into your home, especially in the daytime when busy bodies can start gossiping.


Donald summed it all up period.



It’s really hard keeping ones lips closed. My suggestion is to create a fake email account, social account using the fake email account all using TOR then you can use that to share your stories. Just make sure nothing points to any of your real accounts or your real identity. This means creating a whole new set of social friends that don’t know who you are. You can even have an identity fabricated to point to someone else’s real identity to make things seemingly legit. You may also want to grow other plants in addition so that you can have some sort plausible deniability. You can openly talk about growing Meyer lemon trees or hot peppers when you are really referring to the “other” plants. If someone questions, you show them the pics of the peppers and trees. This is what I have done and it makes things mentally easier. Oh, and do invest in a fan, carbon filter and duct work and speed controller and timer. A must. It’s expensive for first timers but worth it.


I myself own my own home. But even if I didn’t I would still do the same thing. I disconected both heat vents that were in the ceiling and pushed the heating and air ducking up into the adict and then placed a two 6 inch fan both plowing out. Then took 6 " tubing and ran it from both fans and ran it to the ceiling blowing all smell and heat to the adict. When I bought my new in closed hooded light I took two more 6" tubing connected both ends to the hood and spliced the other two end to the fans sucking the heat from my 1000 watt hps light and tent putting that heat also up in the adict killing smell and heat with one stone’’



Sounds like some great engineering. Something to be proud off. In my house my flowering room is a converted bathroom and I use a 5x5 area for actual growing. Over the bathtub I have a light ballast, 10’’ fan and co-2 generator. I have had 20 mature plants in there. I wish I could vent into the attic but my house already doesn’t get very good ventilation in the attic. So I push it outside through a top quality inline 8" fan and wall vent. My charcoal filter is on the intake end. When I am actively growing- which I am not now. The system generates some moisture.
What is possibly detrimental with my system, is the exit fan kicks on about every forty minutes exiting the air and is noticeable in my backyard. The fan is quiet but you can hear the air and see the baffles open up and close. I probably should have gone through the roof.
Unfortunately I not a skilled roofer so I opted for the wall.


Here’s your problem…and I Quote. "My charcoal filter is on the intake end."
You need it on the out take not in take.
That will solve your outside problem…



Thanks and understood.


Good deal…you’ll notice the difference right away.



yeah thanks only three people know & 1 is the hydro shop that i only pay cash at & never park outfront, but smell is a problem time to rethink my circ system, also i grow other plants there 2 cause my thai wife wants plants that wont grow in our climate


Ok …but the intake filter on the outtake and you’ll he all set. If smell or are still strong heat you may need another one.

B Safe