Safest ways to fill 50 gallon butane recovery tank for extractions

I need ways to safely fill a 50 lb recovery tank with butane for extractions. I have an idea that I think would work, but gas and pressure can both kill you and you can see it, so I’m taking precaution.
*names of companies that fill them would also help, they might be able to point me in the right direction in my area.

I bet @Covertgrower will know.

Probably a stupid question but will he see that or would I have to contact him. This is my first post, so idk exactly how it works. Lol

I’m looking in your area according to your name. lol I’m in mid west also.

If you have a bho extractor run the butane through it without putting any weed in it. Then distill the butane into the recovery tank that way you get a cleaner product.

It would probably be better for you to do a web search for your area. I would not recommend a DIY on this…

Best value vac sells butane and extraction equipment

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Awesome man. I assumed so. The distill is what I was curious about. I have a can cracker, 3 cases of butane, 2 empty 50 lb recovery tanks and a 5lb terpp extractor. But the tank is to low to do a run and I’ve actually never used my can cracker. I just got it because I figured I’d need it eventually. Thank you so much. I assumed this would be the route, but needed conformation.

I have. None around. And doing a run is the exact same thing as a refill, just without material, is what I’m learning and what I assumed. Thank you for your concern. But gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. :man_shrugging:

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I’m gonna check it out. All the places I’ve found that carry them are 8+ hours away. I don’t mind that cuz I’m a Travler. But I’d rather just know how to do it myself also. I’m going to see if this place ships or see if they have any places close to the Midwest. Thank you for the lead.

Are you wanting to know how to run the butane through an empty extractor and distill it into the recovery tank

Shows what I know. After researching the subject, I believe @plumbdand has you covered. I was thinking fuel tanks.

What does this type of setup cost? I currently do QWET…

I have a small closed loop butane extractor that im still learning how to use it. I can only run 4oz’s at a time through it. I probably have about a grand into it counting recovery tank, vacuum pump, vac chamber, butane and other odds and ends. Ive only used it a handfull of times. I watched tons of videos and read tons of threads on this and other forums. I have one friend that makes Bho but he open blasts

Best option for this is to order a 20lb butane from BVV (better value vacs out of Illinois) instead of using the cases of butane. The 20lb looks like a propane tank for a grill. This is what I order for a refill.

If you were to use the cases of small bottles of butane, you would inject it into the extractor (following all procedures for extraction) just with no material. After injecting all butane, you would recover into your tanks, until complete.
Hope this helps @Waxy welcome to the forum! :sunglasses:


I distill all my butane before using it. What kind of butane are you using

I open blast atm. But I’m trying to get more efficient. That’s why I got this huge close loop. Do I need to vac my recovery tank before I crack cans into it? I had 1 more question you might be able to answer also. I can’t remember atm. It wouldn’t let me post it yesterday, and I didn’t know how to dm you. That’s what I do also. Watch videos and collect all the knowledge I can. I tried signing up for the class this company offered and haven’t heard shit back.

Idk have neon 11x right now

Awesome. I’m gonna check it out now. Good looking out. Thank you!!!

*I have neon 11x right now.

Awesome website. Thank you. A couple people recommended this site. I would much rather just buy a new full tank. I just couldn’t find anything remotely close to me for pick up, and couldn’t find anywhere that shipped. Illinois isn’t to far if they are pick up only. Thanks again for your help.

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