Safe to trim Dead Leaves during mid/late flower?

Hey guys. So I have a bag seed, some type of sativa that will be and it’s 8th week of flower this coming Tuesday. Had some issues the past two weeks with deficiencies due to pH lockout that I have since addressed but before getting everything dialed in, a lot of fan leaves have turned yellow and then curled up and died. Want to know if it’s safe to trim off all these Dead Leaves this late in flower?? I thought they would simply fall off themselves but they are still holding on to the stem and I’d like to just snip these off and get them out of there. Is this safe?.

Side note: I know the leaves look like the plant is nearing the end of its life but that was all due to lock out, she still has a lot of clear trichomes and is nowhere near ready…

All help is much appreciated!

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Yes you can.

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Okay thanks for letting me know @Covertgrower . Would it be safe to trim them all at once or should I do a few each day??

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If they are dying then they are a drain on the plant, though it isn’t too significant. Go ahead and chop them off without worry assuming it is just a few leaves.