Safe to smoke? (mold)

A question from a fellow grower:

I just cut down four plants I had, with, I think from reading your website, bud rot. I have been harvesting and enjoying for some weeks. I see the site says the mold is active even when drying. Is it safe to smoke? During drying, is there anything can I do to salvage the crop? Thanks.

I sure wouldn’t want to smoke moldy pot.
Mold can be very toxic you can become very sick from smoking it.
Bite the bullet on this one and get rid of it You’ll feel better. We all learn from our mistakes.


My question is about the buds on a plant that do not appear to have been affected by the bud rot seen on other parts of the plant. Are these areas safe to smoke or vape? Has anyone with expertise in this matter weighed in or are we all guessing? I know I am.